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So I wanna be a writer, so I practice by writing blogs.

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Hi everyone and welcome to blog 4. This should actually be Blog 1 but it isn’t so deal with it! I want to explain why I have started writing blogs so I hope you can spend the next few minutes reading with cuppa in hand, Tim Tams at the ready. Ok let’s go.

As the title suggests I want to be a writer. I have page one written of a novel which I started on 3rd August 2007. Yep it’s been two years and that first page is still the only page in the next great literacy piece! Or not. I don’t expect my first book to be anything brilliant. I just want to get it written so I can say that I have written a book and hopefully learn a bit about the craft as I go along. But I can’t get past page 1. Here it is.

“The bitterness of losing the election was still flaring inside him. Now 11 years on, Richard Tucker was still a man who hated to lose. At the tender age of 15 he once cheated on the annual maths exam by paying off a recently graduated teacher who had a gambling problem. It helped that his father was rich, and being an only child, his weekly allowance was quite high. It wasn’t that Richard would have failed the exam, he is an extremely bright man, it was just that he had better things to do than waste time studying for an exam he was always going to pass, one way or another.
Yes it’s fair to say that Richard Tucker always got his way.
Richard knew that the reason why he lost the election was that the public did not see him as a man with high family values. They were right.
He had divorced his pretty wife two years earlier. The marriage had broken down when a two bit hooker of the Hugh Grant variety, juiced up on E and X and any other letter in the drugs alphabet, came knocking on his door looking for some fast cash, and instead of Richard answering the door, Jane Tucker finally had confirmed what she had suspected for a long time.
The public fall out for the man who was once considered by his political party as “the man most likely” was swift as it was merciless. Within 2 days of the story hitting the press, Richard had been tossed out of the party that had once put all their hopes in him. He had moved out of the home he had shared with his wife and two young children into an apartment overlooking Capitol Hill. His friends, he found out, were not really his friends at all and they stayed away, a long way away, and finally his children shut him out from their lives.
Now 11 years on, this is where Richard Tucker began to rebuild his life.”

I won’t go into what the story and plot is as I think it is an original idea and one I want to protect in case I can make it work. So why can’t I get past page 1? I think I know the answer….I can’t write! There, I said it. I am not a writer. Of course I’m not. I haven’t studied it. I haven’t practiced it. I didn’t write a diary as a kid and the only stories I ever wrote were for high school English class where the only thing I remember learning was that dead men can’t write. This advice came after I had written a story in the first person and the main character was dead. I still think that is a bullshit piece of advice but until I hear otherwise I guess I must respect it. Anyone reading this wanna take my side and approve the whole dead men can’t write is bullshit scenario? Can you think of any examples of stories written where this is in print? Let me know in the comments section below.

So I have established that I can’t write but does that mean I shouldn’t still aspire to write? Of course not. I just need to practice and thanks to a couple of followers on Twitter the idea of practicing while writing a blog came about. So here we are. I don’t know how many blogs I will write before I start on page 2 of my novel. It might be 10 or it might be a hundred. What I know is that most of my blogs won’t be that great, but I hope with each one written they will get better. I could just write them and not publish them and I would be serving the same purpose but I honestly do want to learn. So I need feedback. If you like what I have written, tell me. I could use the pat on the back. If you didn’t like it, well tell me that too but importantly tell me what you didn’t like. That is the only way I am going to learn.

I honestly believe I have a couple of very good stories swirling around in my head and it would be a shame if they never saw the light of day but I want to be the one to bring them to life. If it becomes apparent to me that I am a terrible writer and that my books would never get read then I might consider telling you my ideas and seeing if someone else can put on paper what I had failed to do, but for now hands off. I’m writing here!


  1. troyzee says:

    Find that teacher and throw a copy of The Sixth Sense and The Others her moronic head. It might be a written story but same deal – protagonist is actually dead – what’s wrong with that? Teachers like that shouldn’t be allowed to teach. Telling a child what is right and what is wrong when it comes to writing. What a douche? What else were you taught? That beginning middle and end should be presented in that order. Tell that to Tarentino! Obvioulsy you were so ahead of your time back in the day she didn’t realise how brilliant it was.

    • jackmcclane says:

      Haha. Thanks Troyzee. I did consider The Sixth Sense debunked her claim as the story is obviously seen through the eyes of Malcolm and not Cole.

      I gave some advice to a friend the other day that a successful story needs a beginning and an ending but I didn’t say in what order. One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes is the Wedding in India told backwards. Memento is another example.

      Thanks for the reply, oh wise one.


  2. awriteoldwitter says:

    Hi, Jack – just had a look and found your blog. Never knew about WordPress before – great blog.

  3. Joanne Manthey says:

    You said “I think I know the answer….I can’t write! There, I said it. I am not a writer” what a load of baloney! I think that you are very good in that field. You know how to articulate your words very well. You just have to look at the Project Jed updates & this blog. They are very well written. You may not have had any formal education in writing but you have an obvious natural talent for it.

    I was starting to enjoy your novel and look forward to the rest. I think that if it gets you in the first page then you are half way there.

    Keep going with it and don’t give up.

  4. jackmcclane says:

    Hi Jo!

    Well I think you might be a little biased but I appreciate it. I still don’t think I am a writer. Or maybe I am, just not a very good one. That will come with practice.

    Love ya,


    • troyzee says:

      I agree with Jo. You’re just not a PAID writer. You’ve written blogs. You’re a writer. You’re just not doing it professionally. Writing as a hobby still makes you a writer.

  5. Heather says:

    Cuppa and Tim Tams…you had me there!

    I think it’s great that you put it out there from early on that you were going to write and share stories to learn how to be a better writer.

    How do you think you’ve grown since starting this site?

    • jackmcclane says:

      Cuppa and Tim Tams – too nice.

      That’s a good question, Ruddy. I think so! You tell me. I feel more comfortable writing and it still takes me some time to put together each post. I re-read, I edit, I spell check (rarely need to correct it though – haha) and make sure I research each post to make sure I am accurate. I’m not a big fan of to much creative licence!

      So over to you. Read my first couple of posts and read my last couple. Can you notice a difference? I’m not sure.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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