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Let me commence this blog with a statement re The Papparazzi, or the Paps as I will refer to them for the rest of this blog. I don’t really give a shit about them. I don’t buy magazines therefore I don’t contribute towards their income.

The Paps only exist because they are paid insane amounts of money to snap celebrities. The more unique the photo the more they will get paid. Their weapon of choice is generally a digital camera with a telescopic lens so they can get in close enough (from a distance) for the money shot. They will go to extremes to get that money shot too. Hanging out of trees, hiding in bushes, riding on the back of motorcycles are just some of the examples of the Paps risking life and limb to get that shot. It’s crazy.

Is there a place in society for the Paps? Of course. The reason they shit me to tears is the way they get their shots. I think there should be rules of engagement when it comes to snapping celebs. Before I go into those rules it is important to recognise here that celebs do need the Paps. Self promotion amongst celebs is very important, especially the B and C grade celebs. Without the Paps, Paris Hilton would still be spending her families fortune instead of her own. No one knew who Paris was before she grew boobs (which the whole world has seen) and got a gold Amex and then she became the darling of the Paps and one or two sex tapes later the rest is history.

The rules of engagement are listed here with the allowable shots listed first followed by the no go zones.

1. Red carpet awards and premiers
2. Press calls
3. Location shoots
4. Parties/Events

And that is it. Here are the exclusions but not limited to:

1. Celebs homes or holiday locations
2. Celebs kids schools
3. Celebs out for dinner/shopping/movies
4. Celebs attending the doctors/hospital
5. Celebs attending funerals/weddings
6. Celebs attending church
7. Celebs enjoying the great outdoors

Essentially if the celebrity is not out promoting their own work or the work of others at an official, sanctioned event then I think the taking of photographs by the Paps is a gross invasion of privacy and it should be illegal.

We all remember what happened to Princess Diana. It is well known that she died in a car accident in a tunnel in Paris. She was being chased by the Paps and it is widely believed that this was the reason why the driver of her car, crashed, killing her, her boyfriend and himself and seriously injuring her body guard. If there was a no chase rule then history may show that Princess Di lived to be an old lady and the haunting images of the destroyed car and the sad, sad images of her two young sons slowly following her funeral procession would never be seen. They have been seen and I believe that the Paps had something to do with it.

Magazine editors are the ones who can make an immediate impact here. If they refuse to purchase photos of celebs that are not taken within the frame work of the above rules of engagement then these types of photos will begin to slow up. The problem is that unethical magazines such as The National Enquirer will continue to pay, and pay big for unethical pictures.

So if we can’t rely on magazine editors to do the right thing, we need to ask Joe and Joanne Public to do the right thing and refuse to purchase newspapers and magazines that show unethical photos. When this starts to happen then editors will be forced to publish only ethical photos so that their subscription and circulation numbers do not wane. Money talks remember and we, the public can dictate who gets paid.

What is the difference between a shot of Demi Moore on the red carpet and a shot of Demi Moore ordering Starbucks anyway? Nothing. It just confirms that she does normal stuff like we do. Who honestly believes that celebs don’t go food shopping or go to the bank or drink coffee? No one. We all know that celebs are humans just like us, so why do we need to see those photos? I would much rather see a professional shot of Megan Fox on the red carpet in a beautiful dress flashing those beautiful eyes than see her with a hat pulled down over half her face, hiding behind sunglasses cause she is trying to be unrecognisable. I don’t want to see that. Do you?

So do you agree with me? Do you think that celebs are fair game because they get paid shit loads of money? Does that mean that celebs sign away their basic rights to privacy? Do you think there should be a standard Rules of Engagement which applies to the ethical taking of celebrities photos? Do you think I am way off or do you think I haven’t gone far enough? Let me know below and once again, thanks for reading.

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  1. kmom1994 says:

    Hmmm. Not sure I agree with no shots in public, but you’re right they jsut don’t stop. It’s not just one shot walking down the street. It’s following Pierce Brosnan from his car to the store to the movie theater and INTO the theater. That seems unnecessary. I really don’t agree when the hound the celebs when they are with their children. Maybe they should move out of Malibu or NYC or play it low-key like Meryl.

  2. GGG says:

    “they shit me to tears” <—- best line ever

    I totally agree with you. The only issue I have is with the "staged" shots that celebs use to promote by having their manager call the paps to "tip" them off. Granted it's more of the Paris Hilton or Perez Hilton types, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander, you can't pick to only be intruded on when it suits you, you have to take the good with the bad.

    Now that doesn't count when kids are present. Kids should be held sacred and all pap photos of celeb kids in public should be banned, if just for safetys sake.

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