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ET’s – Is there life out there?

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Today I read a story about a wormhole which appeared briefly over the skies of Norway.  There is much debate whether it was a hoax or a Russian missile or visitors from another planet. Until little green men walk into the United Nations I don’t think we will ever be 100% sure that aliens exist or for that matter, don’t exist.  I think that anyone who believes that we are all alone in this massive universe is delusional.

The universe is that big we will most likely never know, well not in our lifetime anyway.  Scientist say that the ability for aliens to visit us from outside of our own solar system is impossible due to the vast distances needed to be travelled.  Let’s put it into perspective.  To travel from one side of our galaxy, The Milky Way, to the other side using current conventional spacecraft would take approx 30,000 years.  And that is just our galaxy.  The current spaceshuttle’s maximum speed once in orbit is 11,000 km/h.  Using known resources this speed may be able to increase in the years to come but not by much.  So using this theory, scientist say that travelling to Earth from outside of our galaxy (or even within it) is impossible by our little green friends.  But who is to say that on far away planets they don’t have an energy source so much more capable than our own to be able to reach the incredible speeds required to come for a cup of tea?

I digress from what I want to theorise about.

Let me throw out another alternative which I have been thinking about for many years now. I’m not saying this is fact or actual but I definitely think it is possible.   Could the UFO sightings be not our neighbours coming over for a game of intergalactic poker but rather…..us?  Not the ‘us’ of this time and date but ‘us’ from the future? Is it possible that the human race in the future has discovered the art of time travel?  Who’s to say that ‘us’ are not walking around our cities and towns today and living amongst us.   Now before you laugh and say that is absurd, have a long hard think about it.  How do we know that it won’t happen 1,000 years from now?  Think about it.  In the mid 1700’s if you told a person that they would be able to fly over oceans in a matter of hours you would have been drawn and quartered.  In the early 1900’s if you told people that they could watch television and surf the net you would have been institutionalised.  So how can we say that something which is currently impossible is not actually possible in the future?  We can’t.

Ok, so in my theory it is actually ‘us’ coming back in time to visit us.  That doesn’t explain the lights in the sky.  In the 1985 movie, Back to the Future, the time machine is built within a DeLorean motor car which is modified in the future to fly.  Perhaps the time machines of the future are built inside flying vehicles.  Who knows?  We might never know but it is a possibility.  So these time machines arrive in our time but because they look so different to what we have now, they need to be camouflaged.  So as Gene Roddenberry envisioned in the Star Trek series,  perhaps the future ‘us’ has also invented the cloaking device!

What do you think?  Are UFO’s real?  Is there life out there?  Do you think it is possible that the future ‘us’ will invent time travel?  Or do you think that I am completely bonkers and that there is nothing out there and that all UFO sightings are coincidences and can be easily explained?

My next BLOG will be the other theory I have about UFO’s.  Stay tuned.  It is pretty wild.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    I must admit, I found the news intriguing and exciting when I heard it yesterday morning. And then to see the video footage, amazing! I am a long believer of other life forms out there, or indeed, even our future selves. I believe the Russian missile theory is extremely convenient under the circumstances, and I have found that the most staunch non-believers are quick to accept it, as it makes them feel superior in some form to be backing a “scientifc explanation” behind the phenomenon. I like to be open-minded, it makes things a lot more exciting! 😉

    • jackmcclane says:

      Thanks Yolanda. It would be interesting to see a poll done to see what percentage of the population think the even in Norway as ‘explainable’ or who thought it was something ‘not of this world’. I would be betting most people would vote for the latter.

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