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ET’s – Is there life out there? Part 2

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Yesterday’s blog was based on the story about a wormhole which appeared briefly over the skies of Norway.  Today I would like to offer up my second opinion on what UFO sightings might be and if there are actually extraterrestrials out there.

I believe there is life out there and I mean intelligent life.  The universe is too big a place for us to be all alone.  Chances are that we will never know for sure but have we been given hints that perhaps there is life out there?  The wormhole incident in Norway may have been the biggest hint yet.  So if it is ET’s what are they doing here?  Surely you wouldn’t travel all this way not to interact with us.  Unless they are on a reconnaissance mission to check up on us and see how we are going.  But why would they want to check up on us?  Are they checking to make sure we can’t fight back if their intention is to attack Earth and take over?  I don’t think that is their intention because as time goes on we develop more effective weapons of our own to fight back and more risk to them.  They could have attacked 60 years ago and we would have had zero chance.  Now we might have 2% of a chance.  So what are they doing?  So here is my theory and yes, I admit it is a pretty wild one and while I am not saying this is the actual case, I’m also not saying it isn’t possible.

Mankind is estimated to be approx 60,000 years old, give or take a century or two. I think it is possible that humans were actually transported here by our alien ancestors many thousands of years ago.  Sort of intergalactic immigrants for want of a better term.  The reason we were transported to Earth was because our race may have had a genetical disability, the equivalent to modern day disabilities like Down Syndrome or Autism.  They could have decided that the only way to ensure that their species on their home planet could avoid such disabilities in the future was to emigrate those afflicted with these terrible diseases to Earth. Not very PC but perhaps political correctness is not a big issue on the home planet.  At least they didn’t do a Hitler and try and wipe us out but sought a solution which was acceptable to their way of life.  I’m also not saying that there were thousands who were brought to Earth.  It might have only been a dozen or so or perhaps a few dozen. Maybe they brought a fleet here.  Buggered if I know. This may have happened and what we see now as UFO’s is just our alien ancestors coming to see how we are progressing and how we are going.  Their mission is to observe and report.  That is all.

Perhaps they look like us and roam amongst us.  Perhaps they hold official office.  Perhaps the ex New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke is one (there has to be an explanation).  Perhaps they aren’t.  Who knows and that is the point.  No one knows and no one can prove either way that they do exist or that they don’t exist.  Same as we can’t prove or disprove that God exists but that is a whole other discussion.

So they are my two theories.  Do you believe that we are not alone?  What are your thoughts on the whole UFO debate?  Am I a whack job and need to be removed from the planet?  Or am I close to the mark with just some tweaking required? I look forward to your comments.


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    Sorry for writing off topic but what WordPress theme do you use? It looks awesome!

    • jackmcclane says:

      G’day. No probs. The theme is called Cutline. I have actually just changed it for a fresher look. It is a great looking theme though. What do you think about my new theme?


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