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Your Kids. Would you kill or die for them?

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I remember when I was young I use to hear adults say that they would die for their kids.  I always thought this was bullshit.  Who would voluntarily die for anybody?  No one would.  Or so I thought.  Then a strange thing happened.  I became a parent and everything changed.

When my eldest daughter, Michaela was born a whole new perspective became apparent.  This little baby, who relied on me completely for safety and security and love and support became my whole life.  I knew at that moment when I held her in my arms for the first time that I would do anything to protect her and I finally understood the term – I would die for my kids.  This little baby who couldn’t even see me properly with her new eyes.  Who couldn’t understand a word I was saying.  She needed me and I needed her.  Of course I would die for her.  Unless you have kids, I don’t think it is possible to comprehend this feeling.

My heart has gone out recently to a few families who have lost a parent who have died trying to save their children from drowning.  I have no doubt in my mind that in the following two examples, that these parents wouldn’t have thought twice about rushing in to save their kids knowing that there was always a chance that in doing so, they could be making the ultimate sacrifice.

Just yesterday a 48 yr old man died while trying to rescue his 2 sons and a friend caught in a rip in Southern NSW.  You can read the story here.

Another tragic accident happened only a day earlier when 3 children were orphaned when 2 of the children were caught in a rip near Ballina, NSW when their parents rushed into the surf to rescue them.  The parents with no regard for their own safety paid the ultimate price in the name of love.   Click here for the full story.

While researching for this blog I stumbled across this helpful video which will assist with identifying rips in the surf which is the common denominator in these tragic deaths.  I urge you to watch it and watch it with your kids.  Check it out here.

The other part of my title is the part about killing for your kids?  While not an advocate of murder, if my kids were in danger of being hurt or killed, then I would have no hesitation in killing to protect them it that is what it takes to keep them safe.  They are my flesh and blood and when they hurt, I hurt.  I don’t believe there is a jury in Australia that would convict a parent whose only motive was protecting their kids.  Of course there are exceptions ie purposely hunting someone down while your kids were not at that moment in harms way.  If there was a situation when someone was holding a knife at my kids throat I would have no hesitation to protect them by killing that person.

I wouldn’t kill someone after the fact though.  If someone has hurt or killed one of my kids I would not be looking for some sort of vigilante justice (more on this in another blog eventually).  Well, maybe I would but it would depend on my current circumstances.  If I had no other family and nothing to live for, then sure, I would get my pound of flesh…literally. However, if my family still needed me, I would not be serving them by rotting away in prison so I guess I would let the justice system do its job.

In summary.  If my kids are in danger I will kill or die for them.  No doubt at all exists in my mind.  I am their protector.  That is the contract I signed when I decided to become a dad which is the most important job in the world.  I just hope I never have to make that decision.  I hope you never do either.

Here's my kids. Of course I would do anything to protect them.


  1. Alex Beggs says:

    No question about it. If anyone ever harmed my kids then my wife had better have the bail money saved up because that person or persons would be in a world of pain if not dead. No innocent child should be abused or harmed in any way shape or form. They are INNOCENT!

  2. Mellisa Selimich says:

    I think if you are there at the time of them being hurt/taken, then yes I would do absolutely anything I need to do to stop it! To go back and seek revenge would be another thing.
    My father always said he would kill anyone who hurt any of us. When it happened and one of us were killed at the hands of another, it was different. Yes he could (if the police knew who they were!) hunt them down and take them out but then that is three lives gone. My brothers, the prick who did it (who is also someone’s son, brother etc.) and my father rotting away in jail. It will still hurt the same, we will still grieve for him the only thing that changes is that our father is also gone.
    Seriously, look at the statistics, to get away with murder is almost as easy as dodging taxes … they will eventually catch up with you.
    But like you said Jack, I hope to whom ever is up there that I don’t ever have to be in that position, ever.
    Karma …. We just hope it does come back and get ’em.


  3. jackmcclane says:

    Mel, you know better than anyone the pain of having someone taken from you in this terrible manner and you are right, me rotting away in prison would achieve nothing. But like I said in my blog, if I had nothing else to live for (ie I was alone) then I think I most certainly would. If I still had one of my girls and my wife who needed me, I would let the justice system handle it. That being said, I so wish the justice system would allow the scum to be left alone with me in a room for an hour so I could take out some hurt on him/her. That should be a right given to the victim’s families.

    Thanks for adding your thoughts.

    Love ya.

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