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Great moments in Nature – Caught on tape

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I saw on the news yesterday this incredible footage involving a shark, a crocodile and some daring fisherman in the Top End of Australia.  Unless you saw it, you wouldn’t believe it.  Check it out.

What amazes me is that these 5 blokes then turn their back to the water to have the photo taken with the shark.  In case you didn’t notice, crocodiles are pretty quick and this was proven when it came out of the water to go after the shark.  Be careful boys, next time you might not be so lucky!

This footage reminded me of that awesome footage a couple of years ago from Africa called Battle at Kruger.  In case you haven’t seen it, you can watch the 8min video below.  In summary it is a story of lions, buffalos and a crocodile.  The lions are attacking a young buffalo and as they get near the waters edge, a crocodile tries to claim his trophy.  Then the buffalo herd decide to get involved.  The images in this video are amazing to see.

Both of these videos remind us that the creatures on our planet are extraordinary and dangerous and we must do what we can to protect them.

I hope you enjoy.

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