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My new camera

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So recently I have been disappointed with some of the shots from my Panasonic, 8MB digital camera.  The camera itself is fine for how much it costs, but it just doesn’t take the quality photo I am wanting.  But no camera around the $100-$300 mark is going to do that.  So I decided to upgrade to a Nikon D5000 DSLR which costs around $1,500 RRP.  I got mine on Ebay for around $775 but will need to buy another lens, 55-200mm for the zoom shots.  So for around $500 less than RRP I’ve got myself a bargain and a pretty kick ass camera.  After doing some market research the camera I bought is a very good entry level SLR.  I want to take up photography as a hobby and capture the images of my kids and my family and be happy with the results.  I think I have tools now to do it.

Here’s a couple of shots I took this afternoon and without reading the instruction manuals.  While not the best shots in the world, I am pretty happy so far.

First ever photo taken with my new camera

Close up of Lara

I love how the background is a little fuzzy, so that the foreground is perfectly in focus

1 Comment

  1. rahimrajar says:

    nice pics, good job of your camera. lara is looking like a little angel.

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