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I saw a UFO too

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It seems Australia might be getting a lot more UFO sightings than usual if the recent sighting in Sydney is anything to go by.  On March 24, Sydney resident, Fiona Hartigan witnessed and took this photo of a UFO hovering overhead.

At the time I thought poppy cock, that is a spec of dirt on her windscreen or lens but after my own experience just 2 days later, well now I am not so sure.

A “UFO” tracked me all the way from the Sunshine Coast to my home last week.  I am not sure why it didn’t deviate or go off course but the evidence of the “UFO” is overwhelming as it flew almost parallel to my car for almost an hour.  I am convinced that this alien ship wanted to communicate to me some how but when I pulled into my garage and went outside, it was gone.

As you can see the “UFO” is blurred in the photo due to the incredible speed it must have been travelling at and it is obviously travelling in my direction due to the tail of the ship being at the back of it.

Disappointed the “UFO” had disappeared, I quickly raced inside and called SETI and the Airforce and neither organisation could back up my story.  Obviously their radars must have been malfunctioning, possibly by the “UFO” cloaking itself or jamming their signal.

I await the arrival now of our alien neighbours and hope they bring back Elvis and Harold Holt.

Did you see this strange looking “UFO” flying over northern Brisbane on March 26 or at any other time?  Have you witnessed any strange flying objects before?  Let us all know and we can form a club!


  1. kmom says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t a spacerock coming through the atmosphere or a strange atmospheric phenomenon? If we do have aliens coming, my fingers are crossed that they are all hot lizard dudes that like to walk around naked in their human brad pitt bodies.

    • jackmcclane says:

      Di, I’m not discounting anything. My first thought was that it can’t be aliens, because they probably don’t exist, but I thought it might have been Santa on his way back from his post Christmas vacation to start getting ready for Christmas 2010.

      I think this mystery will remain unsolved!

  2. Steve says:

    I saw it as well. comes off with windex.

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