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Plenty of Air in Stanthorpe

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My nephews are mad dirt bike riders.  And I mean ‘mad’ as modern day Gen Y’ers use the term.  Not just crazy (my use) but good (their use) as well!

Over the Easter long weekend, I was invited along to my sister, Mandy and brother-in-law, Karl’s property just outside of Stanthorpe, QLD, Australia to watch one of my nephews, Tyrone (Tazer as he is commonly known) and a few of his mates from the Loose Tappets do a few laps on the home made course that they had built recently.

I was amazed by the skill of these guys blazing away on their two wheeled, motorized bullets.  The jumps looked pretty small at first glance but once they got a bit of speed up,  the air up there was certainly thinner than what I was breathing.  Indeed, they were getting plenty of air between themselves and the ground below. Shooting across the sky like an eagle soaring, with an agility and mental strength most people don’t have, these guys stare danger in the face and keep on smiling and asking for more as you can see in this series of photos I took on the day.

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Extremely fit and strong, these guys are athletes in their own right.  After only a couple of laps on the course, they are working hard.  Sweaty, fatigued, muscles sore, they are modern day jousters. A lapse in concentration for just a nano-second can be the difference between being a hero or a zero.  I’m glad to say, I witnessed no zero’s on this trip as they made every single jump they encountered.  They are skilled at what they do and watching them fly through the air is strangely mesmerising.

While not at the skill level of their idols from the Crusty Demon’s, with a bit of practice and training from the experts, it wouldn’t be too long until they could be touring the world, performing back flips and saluting the fans in that all to familiar modern day fashion, the ‘horns’.

Tazer giving the horns

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