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Daylight Savings for South East Queensland?

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It’s time and those who are not in favour are about to be ousted at last.  At least in the South East corner away.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh indicated via her Twitter feed that the possibility of Daylight Savings (DLS) for SEQ could be on the agenda via a referendum to be conducted at the next state election.  Before then, a trial may take place over the 2010/2011 summer period.  This is what the Premier tweeted on Wednesday:

“Independant MP introduces Bill for vote on Daylight Saving in SEQ only & I’m wondering-after 18 yrs, is it time to give people another say?”

Then 4 minutes later

“Qlders have never had a say on daylight saving in SEQ only, a split time zone, maybe we should consider-what do you think?”

The issue of DLS’s has been a decisive one for years.  Firstly, you have your city folk who are all keen for it and then you have the regional folk who don’t want it.  The regional folk made up of dairy farmers etc don’t want it because it will affect when they milk their cows and reap their harvests.  The city folk want it because after a long day at the office there is still some daylight left for a surf or a swim at the beach.  Both groups have different priorities and each group is entitled to them but isn’t it about what is good for the majority?

For too long, minorities have been getting the nod in favour of the majority. When any decision needs to be made, there are always pros and cons.  The issue of DLS should be no different.  Let’s examine the Pros and Cons and see if we can get to the bottom of the debate.


More time for outside leisure activities including swimming, running, playing, golfing, flying kites etc which therefore reduces health costs to the government as people are active more in daylight therefore reducing obesity related illnesses.

Better for tourism with places like Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Seaworld staying open later.  Add into this many different attractions and this means more jobs.

Better for business people who commute between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  No confusion and better time efficiencies.  More people commute between these cities than they do to North Queensland major cities like Townsville and Cairns.

Program scheduling.  With delayed telecasts of TV shows from the southern states including ‘LIVE’ sporting programs, and with modern social media applications like Twitter and Facebook broadcasting live scores, you need to be careful what you are watching so you don’t hear the score or have someone blow the twist ending on a popular show or know who gets voted out on The Biggest Loser or Survivor etc.


I can honestly only think of a couple:

Harder to get the littlies to bed. Which it isn’t.  I lived it with my kids and I know that it isn’t.

Farmers have to milk the cows later, or is it earlier?

I could never understand this point. In DLS time, the sun actually rises LATER than normal.  So if cows are milked according to the sun rising, doesn’t this mean that the farmers get to sleep in an hour later than normal?  A clock shouldn’t really come into it.  In Brisbane On Dec 22, 2009, which is the longest daylight day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun rose at 4.50am.  If DLS was in effect on this date, the sun would have risen at 5.50am.  A full hour of darkness is the net result in the morning and therefore more sleep.

On the same day, the sunset at 6.43pm.  I’m not sure about everyone else, but if I finish work between 5pm and 5.30pm (on a good day) and it takes me 30 – 45 mins to get home in peak hour traffic I am left with no more than just over an hour of daylight.  By the time I get changed out of my work clobber and have a drink it is even less.  There is no time to go to the park or the beach as it will be dark soon enough.  I would love that extra hour to get outside and do stuff with the kids.  They would love it too.

Some of you reading this have never experienced DLS, at least not over a long time period.  Between 1999 and 2006 I lived in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia where DLS is adopted each summer.  It is great!  I love the lifestyle that comes with it.  I’ve missed it since moving back home to Brisbane in the winter of 2006.  And before any of you say that I should have stayed there then, DLS is not the be all and end all and I would never base my decision on where to live based solely on that but if I can live in the best city in the world AND have DLS then why the hell not.

The only contentious issue I have is separating the South East corner from the rest of Queensland.  I would prefer to see the whole of Queensland adopt DLS to avoid any confusion.  We live with the confusion now as we don’t follow the lead of our southern state neighbours.  It would be fantastic if the whole East Coast of Australia was on the same time all of the time.  If it comes down to NO to all of QLD or YES to just SEQ then I go with the YES for just SEQ.

Obviously I am keen for it.  I set up a Pro DLS Facebook page last year which you can join by clicking here

The Premier has also set up a survey asking for your opinion.  You can access that by clicking here

So what do you think?  Are you scared the curtains will fade?  Are you worried about getting the kids to bed?  Or are you in full support?  Would you prefer to see DLS adopted across the whole state or is just SEQ ok with you?  Cast your vote via my poll below or leave a comment.

1 Comment

  1. Susie popp says:

    We should be on Daylight savings here in QLD and I think it should be the whole of QLD that has this.

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