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Movie Review – Kick Ass

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Whatever presumptions you had about this movie are  wrong.  Way wrong!  I went into this movie without knowing what classification this movie was.  I was expecting a bubble gum, light hearted take on the super hero genre.  Instead, what I got was an assault on the senses and a desire for more.  Expecting an M rating at the worst, the movie is rated MA15+ in Australia (R rating USA).  It is based on the comic book of the same name, and not having read the comic I had no expectations – outside of what I saw in the trailer.

This is the Die Hard of super hero movies.  It is full of action and the language would make a sailor blush as it is full of F bombs and a C bomb.  While this is not uncommon in today’s movie spectrum, these bombs are being delivered with apparent ease from an 11 year old girl.  The pint sized, sword slashing, gun toting, super hero, ‘Hit-Girl’ played by 13 year old actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

She is the scene stealer.


Hit-Girl in Action

The movie starts with high school student, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) pondering why there are no real life super heroes.  Deciding that he could be a super hero, he buys a scuba suit, dons a mask, practices some moves and sets out to save the world.  It doesn’t go to plan with his first attempt ending him up in hospital.  Not letting that stop him, our earnest hero once again steps up and saves the day.  This time, his heroics are caught on video camera and in today’s digital world, he is soon an internet sensation, going viral around the world.

That is pretty much where the heroics pause for Dave, now named Kick Ass.  Enter Hit-Girl and her father, Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage), an earily similar character to Adam Wests, Batman, from the 60’s TV show.  Big Daddy is a disgraced ex-cop, hell bent on bringing down crime boss, Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong).

D’Amico’s teenage son, Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is keen to join the family ‘business’ but isn’t mature enough according to his father, so pretends to be a super hero, Red Mist – flash car, suit and hairstyle included – to bring down Kick Ass and then Big Daddy and Hit-Girl to gain his father’s respect.

The action scenes featuring Hit-Girl are gruesome.  With plenty of severed limbs and blood spray, think of ‘The Bride’ in ‘Kill Bill’ and add in a little ‘Trinity’ from ‘The Matrix’ and you have yourself one messed up little girl.  She is however mesmeric and with the curled upper lip and the delivery of some awesome one liners, you can’t wait to see who she knocks off next and how she does it.

In summary, Kick Ass is an action movie with a touch of comedy and if you can handle the swearing and the brutality of an 11 year old girl kicking ass in her own style, then this movie is for you.

Kick Ass is in cinemas now.

Length: 120 mins

Rated: MA15+

My Score: 8/10

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