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iPhone 4

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After weeks and months of secrecy, Apple today announced the all new iPhone 4, and I gotta tell you I am excited by it.

As an existing iPhone user – I have the 32gb 3GS – this phone will offer more features than ever before.

Facetime – One of the new hardware features of the iPhone is a front facing camera which will enable video calling.  While at the moment it is only available from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 via WiFi only, this is a great way to keep in contact with loved ones, especially for those away from home.

Camera – One of the problems with the iPhone has been the inability to take photos in low light settings.  With a flash included on the upgraded 5mb iPhone 4, this solves this problem while also taking better pictures.

Folders – I have 10 pages of apps on my existing iPhone.  Navigating around them is sometimes difficult.  The inclusion of folders will mean that I can set up many different folders depending on their classification.  So folders like Social Networking and Recipes and Games will now be easier to access the specific apps.  Perfect.

Screen Resolution – I already think the iPhone resolution is pretty good, but the upgrade to Retina technology will make viewing of photos and videos even better.

Battery Life – I live on my iPhone and one of the constant issues I have is the poor battery performance.  This will be addressed with a larger battery.  We’ll see if it really is better.

Multi Tasking – The ability to leave one app and go to another and then return is great.

These are just some of the features I am looking forward to seeing in the new iPhone.

Here is a great video highlighting many of the features.  I can’t wait to get one.

Suddenly, my existing iPhone is looking very outdated.

The new iPhone will be available in Australia in July.

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  1. Dawn says:

    A flash!!!! Yay I really want one.

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