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The Greatest Commercial Of All Time

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I went to the cinema last night to see Salt.  I always enjoy getting there early to see the previews but not necessarily the ads.

Until last night.

An ad came on which promised to tell the true story of a man who walked around the world.  Over 5 minutes later the ad finished and the whole cinema was in silence, which is so rare during a commercial.

The ad was for Johnnie Walker Scotch.

I am happy to crown this the greatest commercial of all time for all different reasons.  From the actor (Robert Carlyle) to the setting to the absolutely brilliant timings to the story told.

Being a non drinker, it almost worked.  I almost bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Here it is.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Is it the best ad you have ever seen?  If not, what is?


  1. Natasha Gillatt says:

    I enjoy a drink, as you know, but I’m not the type to get loaded on vast quantities of cheap nasty gear. Usually it’s wine or gin for me, but my brother is the scotch man of the family, got me thinking about all the scotch taste tests at his place…….

    Johnnie Walker Red Label – Run of the mill rubbish.

    Johnnie Walker Black Label- Passable.

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label- Ahhhhhh, divine! Have to have it neat though, would be sacrilege to add any mixers or ice.

    Terrific ad though, love Robert Carlyle. Hmmm, might sway me from the Tanqueray at 1st Choice next time.

  2. troyzee says:

    What a fantastic commercial! I applauded at the end. I don’t know about greatest of all time but it’s up there. So subtle an ad but the work that would have gone into getting that perfect would be insane. I wonder how many takes it took to perfect. I still love Carlton Draught’s “Big Ad” and Old Spice’s “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” but this ad definitely competes on their level.

  3. Natasha Gillatt says:

    Jack, as I don’t watch barely any TV the most advertising I see is at the flicks. So Yes, but I still think the Dita Von Teese Perrier campaign was better. But different media. I’m yet to come accross any campaign that beats that one.

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