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Emmy’s 2010 – Glee Themed Opening

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Most of my avid readers know that I am a huge fan of Glee.  I’m a Gleek and proud of it!  So I was pleasantly surprised to see the opening of the 2010 Emmy’s start with my favourite Gleeks plus Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Hugo from Lost!  What a bonus.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. troyzee says:

    That was a great Awards Night Opener. Loved every second of it. John Hamm from Mad Men is actually a funny guy. And anything that has Tina Fey AND Betty White in it – love!

    • jackmcclane says:

      It had just the right amount of guests and Glee guys. If it had have been the whole Glee team it would have been the same as an episode. John Hamm was great. I didn’t get the Kate (from John and Kate plus 8) reference until I googled it and found out she couldn’t dance on the US version of Dancing With The Stars, hence their reluctance for her to join their glee club.

      The fact they sang it live on stage as well was a plus.


  2. We LOVED this as well and love Glee and all the people in it, except the weird part when the Kate + 8 chick showed up, that was almost awkwardly mean, or scary, or both! But we definitely share your glee for Glee on The Bench!

    • jackmcclane says:

      Being an Aussie I didn’t know who Kate was until I googled it and worked out she was the mum with 8 kids. What made that part funny was that she was on Dancing with the Stars and sucked! lol.

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