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Some People Shouldn’t Breed

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Last week I read a story about a mother in the United States, who along with her boyfriend and with both of them high on drugs, taped her 22 month old son to a wall for entertainment.  She took photos of the despicable act on her camera which showed the boy in distress and crying.

This photo of the boy, who cannot be identified, is shocking.

I was informed by a colleague today that a lady earlier this week had left her 4 year old daughter locked in the car in the above ground carpark, while she ducked into the supermarket.  The temperature that day was 26c/79f.  The child was seen trying to get out of the car but it was locked.  The windows were slightly open to let in some air and when asked by my colleague if she was ok, she politely nodded.  After a few more minutes the mother emerged from the supermarket with half a trolley full of groceries and when confronted by my colleague she laughed it off and said her daughter was fine. It only takes about 20 minutes for a car to really heat up and cause distress to the children in it. Half a trolley full of groceries leads me to think she was gone for some considerable time.

There have been similar stories of children being locked in cars while their parents go and gamble in casinos or simply forgot them as this example in Sydney shows.

In August this year, a 14 month old girl died after being locked in a car in the United States with the outside temperature reaching 37c/99f.  The terrible suffering this poor baby must have gone through would have frightening.

The West Gate Bridge as seen from the walkway ...

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In January, 2009, little Darcey Freeman, a couple of days shy of her 5th birthday and on her way to school for the first time, was thrown from the top of the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, allegedly by her father while her frightened brothers watched on in horror, for reasons not yet known.  She fell 58 metres to the water below and died a few hours later in hospital after suffering major internal injuries.

Darcey Freeman

What is wrong with these people?  I can accept that sometimes leaving a child locked in a car is an accident and not deliberately done, but how stupid could you be to forget your child was in the car?

What about the deliberate act of taping your child to a wall for your entertainment because you are high on drugs – which is a separate issue all together?

What would cause Darcey’s father to throw her over a bridge to certain death. Ok, she might have been whingeing or crying to whatever, but is that a reason to kill your own child?  No way.  Pull the car over and get out and take a breath if it is that bad.  Nothing your child does is worth killing them over.

Some people just shouldn’t breed and here is what I think the solution will be within the next 100 – 200 years.


I think the technology will exist in the next century or so to enable the earth’s water supply to be sterilised by our governments.  No one will be able to have children without a permit or a licence.  To apply for a permit or a licence you will need to sit an aptitude test, IQ test, pass a criminal background check, pass a credit assessment and prove that you are of sound mind.

Once you have passed all of the minimum criteria, you are given an antidote or a serum to counter effect the sterilisation and you can then get pregnant – hopefully the old fashioned way – and have a child. Once the child is born and if you want more kids you will need to demonstrate that you are a good parent by going through the application phase again.

The benefits here are numerous.  You breed out generational issues like poor work ethics, ineptitude and laziness.  People who are serial criminals won’t have kids who follow in their footsteps etc.  Ok, so crime won’t stop but I seriously think it would reduce.  You can also reduce the world’s population and therefore extend the life of the planet by not consuming the natural resources as quickly as it is being consumed now.

It’s not quite Hitler’s master race theory.  People of all different races and religions can continue to have children providing they pass the criteria.

It’s all about protecting the kids from abusive parents.  Parents who leave their kids locked in hot cars which kill dozens of kids every year around the world.  Parents who abuse their children either physically or just as badly, mentally.  Parents who just have kids so they get more government handouts through the pension.

When we have kids we have them knowing that we are there to protect them and prepare them for adulthood.  Children don’t ask to be born.  That’s not their choice.  It’s our choice to have kids, so it is up to us to love them and protect them and nurture them and teach them to be the best that they can be.  How can we expect them to become excellent parents themselves when they have deadbeat parents who treat them as so many kids in the world today get treated?  How can they become outstanding citizens when their parents in turn are not?

Ok so my sterilisation idea might be flawed but something has to be done.  The kids of the world need protecting and I don’t think it is up to the government to do so all of the time.  Keep an eye out for kids in your neighbourhood.  Is there any chance they are being abused or mistreated?  If you spot a kid locked in a hot car, smash that window or call the police or do both.  Stand up and be the voice for the kids who don’t have a voice of their own.

Who knows?  You might just save a life.


  1. Jack – I myself am lost for understanding. How do these parents not see their children as living, breathing individuals deserving of respect and love and protection?? You know what else I would like to add to this story – those people who desperately want children and have trouble falling pregnant. Apparently Australia has some of the most stringent adoption laws in the world and for the life of me I can’t understand why – there are many many loving couples out there who would happily take care of and love a child, so why do we keep returning them to parents who are obviously not up to the honour of being parents! Instead children are shunted in the foster system and returned to abusive parents every few years, until their life ends (in one way or another). I know a couple who fostered, their adoption process for a son they fostered went on for years and at the last minute the birth mother wanted him back and he returned to an abusive environment (he suicided in his early 20’s). The system is flawed, as yet I don’t know how we can fix the system – but I 100% agree with you that we all have a responsibility to look out for children in our community. One of my best friends actually intervened when a father was belting into his son, she nearly copped a black eye, but it was enough time for the police to attend. Children are a BLESSING, not a commodity or a right. Just as breaking the law entails a punishment and rehabilitation, parents who fail in their responsibility should be forced to undertake parenting classes (eg: Triple P), otherwise the cycle is not broken.
    And lets celebrate all those parents / people out there who are championing the rights and protection of our innocent children! By creating awareness and responsibility we are creating a safer environment for them – go Jack!! I love this post!!

    • jackmcclane says:

      Thanks for the comment, Steph. There has to be a better way. Not sure if tougher laws will be enough of a deterrent. You raise a good point re the amount of people who want to adopt and just can’t. I am sure that boy taped to the wall would have a better life with adopted parents than with his biological ones.


  2. Ali says:

    I agree with you 100% sterilize the bastards!!
    It makes me sick to my stomach to think about anyone mistreating a child!
    Some people do NOT deserve to be parents period!!

  3. Heather says:

    While I may not be on board with your suggested solution, I *am* totally sick about how these parents have mistreated their children. Many people who are parents shouldn’t be. Having a child may make you a mother or father by definition but necessarily a true parent who WANTS to take on everything the role should entail.

  4. smilingcynic says:

    Before i laucnch into my anti-life rant: Only those who prove themselves worthy and able to bring up the next generation should be allowed to breed. The country is being brought to its knees by the cost of benefits and kids, so why let it get worse.

    What’s so special about creating more FUCKING LIFE anyway??????

    To paraphrase Sade’s views on life: We’re born, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill and then when we die.

    My own view on the miracle of life: Picture some blocked sewer, blocked with used tampons toilet paper and shit, and some rats fucking on this disgusting pile-up. The rats will breed, and their descendants will procreate in similar places. This will probably go on for ever, give or take; THAT IS THE MIRACLE OF LIFE.

    LOVE AND HUGS, HANDSOME PADDY xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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