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An Open Letter to the Australian Prime Minister

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Dear Prime Minister

This letter is not debating whether there should be a carbon tax or not.  For the record, I don’t think there should be, well not when it will costs Australian tax payers anyway.

What this letter is about, Ms Gillard, is the fact that you have lied to the Australian public.  You made an election promise prior to the 2010 federal election.  You said on August 16 and I quote you, Ms Gillard, “There will be no carbon tax, under a government I lead”.

As history shows, you retained your position as the Prime Minister of Australia.  Note I didn’t say win the election as you didn’t really. I’ve blogged about that previously and you can read that post by clicking on this link.

The deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swann said this during the last election campaign. “No it’s not possible that we are bringing in a carbon tax. That is a hysterically inaccurate claim being made by the coalition”.

Then on February 24, 2011, you announce to the nation that we will indeed have a carbon tax.  You made the announcement with the leader of the Greens by your shoulder.

In the media since yesterday, you have been trying to spin your words and tell Australian’s that it is something that we need. No it’s not a tax it’s now a carbon pricing mechanism.  Whatever the hell that is. Oh yeah, it’s a fancy way of saying “tax”.

What worries me, Ms Gillard is that as a parent, how can I teach my children to be honest and tell the truth when my country’s Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister tell blatant lies?

How dare you, Ms Gillard?  You have proven once again that ordinary Australian’s cannot trust our politicians when they make promises.  You are not the first to lie and unfortunately I am sure you will not be the last politician to lie.  You can spin it as much as you want but you cannot deny you said what you said.  You cannot deny that Mr Swann said what he said.  You have reneged on your election promise and I am sure you gained crucial votes from people who voted for you based on the fact that you said there would be no carbon tax.  What do you have to say to these people, Ms Gillard?

You are a disgrace. You are a liar and you are a fraud. You are not fit to hold the office of the Prime Minister of Australia.  You have brought dishonour to your position and tainted the position of Australian Prime Minister which current and future generations will now be wary of.  How can we ever trust an Australian Prime Minister again?

If you have any morals at all, you will resign immediately and fade away into obscurity. By doing so, perhaps my children will see that when you tell deliberate lies that there are consequences by doing so.  Without you resigning, you are effectively saying that it is ok to lie and be dishonest.

If you don’t resign, the Australian public will remove you from your position at the next election.  Have some honour and go now.

Shame on you, Ms Gillard.  Shame on you indeed.




Jack McClane

Father of 2

Australian born and bred citizen.





  1. @RedL1on says:

    Comment bought and paid for by your friendly local coalition or should that be COALalition

    • jackmcclane says:

      Nice play on words. Believe it or not, Adrian, I would write the same letter to Tony Abbott if he had done the same thing as Prime Minister of Australia. It is a blatant lie and the Australian public should not stand for it. This is me doing my part.

  2. Peter Q says:

    Indeed, this transcends party politics or even pro/anti Carbon stance. It is about the abuse of the integrity of the highest office in our land.

    Shame indeed, Ms Gillard (I won’t use the honourable honorific, as it clearly doesn’t apply, and I won’t refer to you by your “position” as it is clear you no longer justify it).

  3. Claudia C says:

    I agree with you there Jack! It’s a huge shame!
    It’s incredible what this PM has done. Her betrayal of the Australian people is on a league of its own because she lied to gain a benefit to herself personally and to her party.
    That’s not what I teach my kids. Her lack of integrity is not what I stand for and if there’s a movement to get her ousted I will certainly be there.
    For the record I didn’t vote for Labor. But the day Gillard took office I cried. I called my little daughter and showed her Gillard on TV and said we now have a woman PM. Now I am totally ashamed I ever done that.
    I say there’s only ever been one Julia…and that’s the fake Julia!

    • jackmcclane says:

      Thanks Claudia. She is a fake. She cannot be trusted and this will be her downfall. I hope she doesn’t cause too much damage between now and when that happens.

      Thanks for reading and making a comment, Claudia. I really appreciate it.

  4. Vicki says:

    We didn’t re elect her and now it’s time to go before Australia end up in the toilet. I’ve always held the belief that Australia won’t start prospering again until Labor is thrown out of power.

  5. Anna says:

    The problem is Jack, Gillard has no moral fibre. Her word means absolutely nothing and we, the Australian people, are suffering because of it. If we don’t stop the carbon tax, we will continue to suffer as will our children and our grandchildren.

  6. Ross says:

    “You [Gillard] are a disgrace.”

    In terms of adultery, yes. Her decision to move in her loverboy into the Lodge is a prurient one, without precedent in PM history. I do not see it as good.

    I also do not like the carbon tax.

    However – I notice that your blog does not mention the Greens at all. They played their indispensible part in bringing about the tax and in forcing her hand here. Bob Brown and co have a stronghold on the Senate benches and with the Green member for Melbourne Adam Bandt in the lower house (Gillard is dependant on him to be PM). This carbon tax is very much their work as well, more so than Gillard.

    • Ross you are correct, but it was Gillard who made a promise before the election, before she had to rely on Bandt et al and then she broke it resulting in a downright lie. That is the purpose of my open letter to her.

      Thanks for commenting.


  7. Ross says:

    ‘ before she had to rely on Band[i]t et al and then she broke it resulting in a downright lie.”

    Glad you agree about the Greens.

  8. Ross says:

    To this I’ll just add- Ms Gillarrd is facing the worst slump in history. I’d say that if an election had been held today, she (and Rudd, whom I don’t like either) would have gone down like the Titanic. Kind of like the way the NSW ALP government did in March 26 2011.

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