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It’s time to roar again….

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It’s been a long, hard summer.

We’ve had to endure 5 cricket test matches, countless ODI’s and T20’s against the Pom’s.

We’ve had trade week and draft week and a game in China.  We’ve had the NAB Cup and a couple of new sides show us that an 18 team comp in 2012 will be ok.

We’ve had off field issues galore as well.  They don’t need to be brought up here.  You know what they are and who was involved.  Let’s leave that behind.

No, today this post is about Season 2011, when the mighty Brisbane Lions will roar again.

This time last week I was very disillusioned with my club over the Fevola issue. This was days after a very ordinary performance against Essendon and St Kilda in the NAB Cup.  Ok so a lot of teams field the kids in these games and with Black, Brown, Power, Drummond, Charman all missing I didn’t expect to win but I always expect a competitive team who wear the Lions jersey.  They got flogged and while there were glimpses of what could be, there simply wasn’t the skills needed at this level.

Then something awesome happened. I stumbled upon this video released by the Brisbane Lions in preparation for the new season ahead.

WOW!  It blew me away. The headlines were exactly what I would have expected from the horror year that was 2010.  We were a shambles and despite a solid 4 from 4 start we went on to win only three more games for the year.

Many Lions fans were discontent and frustrated by our footy club.

We do have short memories.  In 1998, the Brisbane Lions were a laughing stock.  Expected to be ultra competitive with the merging of the the Bears and Fitzroy Lions the team didn’t gel and they fell apart.  Enter master coach Leigh Matthews and like the video says, the rest is history.

If we were a rabble in 1998 and we were definitely a rabble in 2010. Then we can definitely be a force in 2011.  I don’t expect a premiership this year or even next year.  I do expect a competitive footy team who will wear the maroon jersey with pride.

I hear you say that it is a totally different team from 1998.  There is no Voss (as a player), no Aker or Scott twins.  No McRae or White or Mal Michael.  No Martin Pike and no Shaun Hart and there is certainly no Bradshaw and Lynch.  This is true.  This core group that helped us win 3 premierships in a row.  It was a special group but in 1998 we just didn’t know how good they would become.

In 2011 we have arguably the best player in the game in Jonathan Brown. We have a midfield that still has a Brownlow medallist in Simon Black.  Luke Power is still playing great footy and with a midfield comprising Rich and Adcock we have the ability to get the ball into the forward 50 to players liked Todd Banfield who can kick goals.

Our defence is pretty good too being led by super boot Josh Drummond who will be ably assisted by Ash McGrath, Daniel Merrett, Brent Staker and Joel Patfull.

Our ruck stocks look good too with Matthew Leuenberger and Mitch Clark with potentially Jamie Charman contributing as well.

We have the playing stock.  It’s up to Vossy and the coaching panel to deliver a game plan and instill belief in the boys.

Just remember we are the MIGHTY BRISBANE LIONS.  We never give up.  We have pride and power and the will to win. While there is a breath in our bodies, we will continue to fight for each win.  While we are still over that white line and the clock is still ticking, we will strive for what is ours.  While the crowd continues to cheer we will continue to fight for that crowd.  We are the MIGHTY BRISBANE LIONS.

It’s time to ROAR again.


Do you?

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  1. Erin Louise says:

    I BELIEVE! Great post as usual Jack.

  2. Stephanie says:

    ROAR!!! Looking at this video, I can feel the pride swell!! I miss the talent we used to have, but the truth is there in black and white Mr McClane!! We CAN do it with the raw talent we currently have!! The trick will be the coaching and management team’s ability to enable our boys to feel like they can do it!


  3. stacey french says:

    The problem enlies Mr McClane in the style of footy that the lions are failing to execute. Hawks coach Aliastair Clarkson earlier in the week admitted that his team had been left behind through the games rapid progression, http://www.afl.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/208/newsid/109073/default.aspx
    While the lions have the raw talent on the field, in the coaches box we must not forget the administrative debarkle of late 2010 when recored profit loss was recorded and made very public with several key figures standing down,
    2011 will be another year for many AFL clubs to reach new heights and perhaps discover the lowest of lows. It is without a doubt the Brisbane Lions will be one of the main clubs to watch in response to their forgetable 2010 season.

    • jackmcclane says:

      Well thank you Stace for your feedback. It will be an interesting year indeed!

      I’m not surprised to see a Hawks reference in their considering who your employer is!

      Go the Lions!


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