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If I Only Had A DeLorean

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Not the standard one, but a time travelling one as used in the Back To The Future movies.

That would be cool.  Way cool!

Just add 1.21 gigawatts of power to the Flux Capacitor and away you go.

I’d love to go back to 1770 to see Australia when Captain Cook made his epic voyage and see and hear what he and his crew really said when they laid eyes on this great country for the first time.

Advance forward 18 years when the first fleet arrived into Sydney Harbour.  That would have been amazing to witness.  How did Sydney look without the buildings and bridges back then?

Or go back 20,000 years and see Australia as how it was inhabited by the Aboriginals.  What a spectacular visual that would be to see how these proud and mighty people treated this wide, brown land.

What about just a few months earlier from now, when a friend was in town and you didn’t have the chance to catch up?  Just jump in the DeLorean and head back to December to spend some quality time with them.

How about heading into the future to get the lotto numbers for a Saturday night Jackpot $20 million draw?  That would change my life for the better. How about you?

If you don’t mind a big drive from Brisbane to Tasmania, why not go back to the day before the Port Arthur massacre and stop a madman from killing 35 people.

I’d like to go back to my 13 year old self on the first day of school and tell myself to put my head down and study hard. If I did that would I be sitting here today writing this piece? It blows my mind to think about it.

If I have a friend who has a terrible boyfriend or girlfriend do I jump in the DeLorean and tell them that the future with that person is not so rosy?  They probably wouldn’t listen to me but at least I could give it a shot.

How about an epic trip back in time 65 million years ago? Wanna see a Dinosaur? That would be cool! Just make sure you are ready to get back up to 88 mp/h again to get the hell out of there in case you end up in the middle of a herd of them. I wouldn’t want to be the entrée in a dinosaur meal!

Want to know the winners of the next 30 NRL and AFL grand finals?  Nah, me either. If I was a St Kilda supporter travelling forward in time from 1985 I’d hate the fact that in 2010 they still hadn’t won since 1966.  How depressing.

Would you want to see your future self?  See what became of you and your family?  You could use that information to make changes back in the current day when you return from your time travelling.  Would your younger self believe you?

Would you go back in time to stop a friend or relative from being in a nasty accident? I’d go back to April 25, 2009 and stop that exact thing from happening.

Were you losing your hair in your early 20’s and didn’t go and visit Ashley & Martin?  That could be a good visit back in time too!

Would you spy on your adult kids and make sure they turned out ok? What if they weren’t?  Would you intervene then or back in the past?

So many possibilities and places and times you could go with a time machine.

Or do you not bother with it and take advantage of today and make sure that the life that you live is the best one possible?

Sure it would be great to travel back in time to witness history being made but would changing history totally change your future or those around you?

And what would you do with knowledge you would get from the future? Would you use to advance your own self in the past or would you use that knowledge for humanitarian causes?  Who would believe you anyway?

If only I had a DeLorean. I could answer these questions.

I guess we all need to live for now and respect history but have an eye on the future because the decisions we make today, will affect our tomorrow.

It doesn’t mean that I still wish that I had a DeLorean.


What time would you like to time travel to and why?  Past or future? Or would you not be tempted and just stay right where you are?

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  1. Scott Smith says:

    Mate you can pick one up on ebay. It is from the States, but with the exchange rate the way it is, you’d be a fool not to grab one.


    Not too sure if it will make the leap into Time Travel, but you never know…..

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