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Working Wonders at the RCH

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Sick kids are a fact of life but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Kids are so brave and strong and such fighters. Quite often it is the child who is sick who is holding up better than their friends and family. Is this because they don’t fully understand what is happening or could happen to them? Who knows. I think it is more likely that kids have a spirit which is unbreakable. They are tough and resilient and have a great attitude.

I also think it is because of places like Working Wonders at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Brisbane.

Working Wonders helps not only the sick kids, but their families by keeping them entertained while in hospital. I’ve gotten to know a few of the people who work there and they are terrific people all.  Click through to their Facebook page for more info on them and all the awesome work that they do, but also how you can assist in fundraising or volunteering.


I visited the hospital today, thankfully not because I was visiting someone I knew who was sick, but to drop off some stuff for the Musical Therapy Dept at the hospital that helps the kids recover through music.  It is an amazing program. 

I took this photo inbetween a rain storm and while I have seen the sign before, it dawned on me that this is the first thing most of the sick kids will see as they pull up at the hospital. What a great way to be greeted with a friendly and colourful sign. The friendliness and the colour continues inside too. They are very well looked after.

I wish for a world with no sick kids. In the meantime I am glad there are places like Working Wonders to help look after them.


  1. jody says:

    Hi Jack – Great photo and I love that you are doing a photo a day. I look forward to checking in on your posts xx Jodes

  2. MJMcClane says:

    It is a great place to volunteer as well 😀

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