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For years a lot of people have told me I have a great speaking voice and imparticular a voice for radio.  Seeing as I already have a head for radio it makes a lot of sense. 

I happen to think I slur too much when I speak and don’t pronounce my words properly and am quite monotonic so in 2001 I did a term at the Max Rowley Media Academy when I lived in Sydney which I thought would give me some radio training but also perhaps help me with my Sylvester Stallone style slur.  I didn’t really learn a lot while I was there.  To be honest, I was freaked out by the other students who were so much better than I was and I just didn’t think I would ever be able to achieve their standards so I didn’t bother enrolling for further terms.  I should have because in all fairness, those other students were well into their 4th and 5th terms and had learnt the skills along the way.  A couple of days ago, I came across some cassettes of these recordings I did.  As soon as I can find a cassette player (what are they?) I’ll take a listen and see if I was any good or not because I honestly don’t remember.

I moved to Adelaide the following year and in 2004 I entered a competition on SAFM called the SAFM Sports Rookie.  Essentially the breakfast crew of Milly and Lehmo were looking for a full time sports reporter to join the breakfast crew and read the sports news.  In addition the sports rookie would also attend sports press conferences, sporting matches etc where they would be given the appropriate media passes etc.  And to do this they would be paid $50,000 a year which in 2004 was a great wage with a lot of perks.  I was lucky enough to be a finalist and one morning I was the Sports Rookie and I did my best to try and win it.  I didn’t but I had a lot of fun writing my own sports stories and reading them on air with Milly and Lehmo. 

You can hear a snippet of that morning here. (Note I officially changed my name in 2009 so hence the reason they are calling me someone else)

Not a lot happened with forging a radio career after that.  I’d occassionally call up and talk on talk back radio but that was only for seconds at a time.  Then in September 2011, I was invited to talk on air with Louise Walton on a community radio station in Port Macquarie.  My good mate, Craig and I were on a road trip to Sydney and his friend, Louise invited us to stop in for an hour chat on her weekly Friday afternoon radio program.  So we did and we had a great time.  I don’t have a podcast of that show but it got me interested in radio again and Louise mentioned that perhaps I should do some volunteer radio somewhere.  I think that is a great idea and I will pursue that idea in 2012.

This week, I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the “Token Bloke” on ABC Local radio station, 612 am here in Brisbane.  This is a short, sharp 10 minute segment where a different guy each morning chats with morning fill in announcer Stacey Milner and two of her producers, Anne Debert and Amanda Dell.  It was fun and I really felt comfortable with the mic and I thought I contributed well to the topics of the morning.   Have a listen….

What do you think?  Sound ok?

So now what?  I had a few comments on Facebook and Twitter that it sounded good and that I should pursue a career in radio.  Is that people just being nice or do I really have a voice for radio?  And what if I do have a voice for radio.  That doesn’t mean I have the ability to be able to host my own show, especially a daily one that goes for 3 hours.  I would run out of material within the first week.  I’ve been bugging Kelly Higgins-Devine via Twitter to allow me a spot on her show once a week during the footy season to talk all things Brisbane Lions as we both love our embattled AFL club.  So far she is declining my suggestion but I hope I am wearing her down. 

Or do I take this seriously and try and get my own weekly, one hour show on a small radio station here in Brisbane.  What would I talk about for an hour a week?  I would love to pitch the idea of talking all things Brisbane Lions and Brisbane Broncos and have fans call in with their thoughts on the previous weekends games or the upcoming matches.  That would be fun and it is something I know a lot about being the avid lover of both codes.  Or perhaps I could talk all things entertainment like the latest movies and TV shows as I love both. 

The ABC’s Spencer Howson suggested I volunteer for 4ZZZ and see where that takes me.  I think that is a bloody good idea.  If I can’t get a gig on the radio somewhere, then perhaps I should just podcast.  But if I was to podcast I would want to podcast with someone else.  No one wants to hear me have a one way chat for an hour each week.  It’s gotta be fun and engaging.  I’ll work on it over the summer and I’ll keep you all informed of my progress.

Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. lOUISE Walton says:

    This is great Jack. You are a good writer! Best wishes LOU 🙂

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