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A Senseless Death

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It’s a tragedy.  The loss of a young life from a terrible, horrible accident.  I’m referring to the death last night of 17 year old, Isabelle Colman.  She was on Queensland’s, Gold Coast, celebrating the end of school in the annual “Schoolies” pilgrimage that thousands of school leavers do each year at this time.

Isabelle Colman – Image Source news.com.au

Isabelle died last night when she fell from the 26th floor of the Chevron Renaissance Hotel.  The details surrounding the fall are not yet known, though it is believed she was alone at the time.

Earlier in the week, another ‘schoolie’ was photographed sleeping on an 11th floor ledge on the Gold Coast.  Cameron Cox, 18, was also celebrating the end of school on the glitter strip.  He was lucky that he didn’t fall as he attempted to sleep off a drunken night of partying.


Cameron Cox sleeps on a high rise ledge – Image Source news.com.au

In October, there were three more deaths from balcony falls from Gold Coast high rises and another two deaths since May this year bringing the total deaths to six this year.

Not good news for the owners of the high rise hotels and apartments with a renewed push for balconies to be locked off, especially during schoolies week.

Hundreds of thousands of people holiday on the Gold Coast each year with no incident at all.  They rent the apartments and leave safely at the end of their holiday.  But now because of these incidents it is possible that you will not be able to open your balcony door if holidaying there.

While all of these deaths are tragic, the responsibility ultimately for their deaths, belongs to the person who has fallen.  They are the ones who have gone too close to the edge, or climbed over or whatever other reason.  Sure, some of them may have been dared (and shame on their friends for doing so) and some of them may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but that is a personal decision that that person has chosen to undertake.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am very, very sad about these deaths, particularly of last night’s with a beautiful girl whose life has ended so prematurely, but people need to understand that we are not bullet proof and we are able to be hurt and hurt easily and it can happen to anyone.  We are made of tissue and muscles and bones, all of which can be easily damaged.  If you lean too far over or are sky larking or whatever the reason which caused you to fall, it is your fault.  Don’t go changing laws because a very, very small number of people, push the boundaries too far.  And yes, Isabelle was only 17, which is still old enough to know better.

I hope her family and friends can move on with their lives quickly. I do not want to know such pain as they are feeling now.  It’s just so sad and a needless death.

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