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An Open Letter To My Daughter On Her 15th Birthday

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Some daddies have kids who are out wandering the streets.

Some daddies have kids who are always getting into trouble.

Some daddies even have kids who are disrespectful to adults and authorities.

Some daddies have kids who don’t love them back.

Some daddies even have kids with no desires or dreams or aspirations.

So Mickey, while you are all of these things, you are also pretty damn good looking!!

I’m just kidding my baby. The only thing out of the above that you are is good looking but that doesn’t even sum up your beauty. To me, you are so beautiful both inside and out and I am proud you are my daughter.

15 years ago today, you were causing your mother so much grief in labour, while daddy was down in the cafe having a feed while reading the paper and waiting for the worst of the labour to be over. It wasn’t and at the last minute, I joined your mum in theatre as they opted to slice her open to get you out as you just weren’t playing the game properly.

Then you came out and my whole world changed. I saw you through new eyes. Eyes that had never witnessed such joy. Such hope for the future. Such a cute and tender and beautiful baby.

Then I held you for the first time and something dawned on me. You see for all of my life up until that point, I had heard people say that they would die for their kids. I often thought how stupid that was. Surely no one would voluntarily die for someone else. Then I held you, and I instantly knew that statement to be true. I would die for you if it meant it spared you from harm. I wouldn’t hesitate. I still wouldn’t hesitate.

A few minutes after you were born I burst into the waiting room where there was waiting eagerly for news: Aunty Joanne and Misti and Aaron and Aunty Vicki and Alecia and Aunty Julie and Brisbane Nanna and Melbourne Nanna. (I think I got the cast right) and I proudly announced your name at which point everybody jumped to their feet in the crowded waiting room and attacked me with a massive group hug. There were cheers and tears and that was just from the guy selling coffee. 🙂 It was a special time and one that I will never forget.

You may not know this, but 15 years later, you have given me so many moments of happiness and joy that no man has the right to expect or demand. Yet you give them to me, even when you don’t think I notice.

I would not swap you for anyone else. You, to me, are the perfect daughter and I am honoured to be your daddy. I must have done something right, sometime in my past, to deserve you.

I love you so much and I will always love you, no matter where the future leads us. You are only a few short years away now from adulthood, but know this, my baby, you are now and will forever be, my baby.

Happy birthday, Mickey. I love you. ♥

Michaela 15th  - 01


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