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A Musical Kind Of Guy

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“I sure do”.

That’s the answer I give to people when they ask me if I like Glee.  Actually that’s a bit of a little bitty lie. I actually love Glee.

And Wicked.

And Les Miserables.

And Grease.

And Rock of Ages.

And Hairspray.

And a heap more musicals.

And now I love SMASH.

My friends often joke about me being gay to enjoy such shows.

Well I am 100% straight. I like girls as much as the straight guy next to me. Hmmmmm, girls. How you doin?

I also happen to love me a good musical.  And that musical can be on the big screen,  the small screen or even live on stage.

I don’t care what people think.

I am a loud and proud musical kind of guy!

I’ve even got my own idea for a musical movie or stage show!  I just need a lyricist to help me write it. Know of anyone?

My latest love is SMASH and even though CBS has axed the show after only two seasons, I have really enjoyed the musical within a TV show format.  This weekend my girls and I have been singing ‘Broadway, Here I Come” by Jeremy Jordan from Season 2.

This is the clip from the show which picks up the song half way through when the star of the show, Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee) stumbles upon a bartender, Jimmy Collins (Jeremy Jordan) singing one of his own songs for a musical he is writing.  It’s called Broadway, Here I Come, about, you guessed it, someone with a dream of making it big on Broadway.  It’s a great song and can be used as a metaphor in just about anything to do in life that needs a focus to succeed.  Take a listen below to the clip from the show and then at the end of this post, is the full vocal version which is bloody awesome.

So tease me all you want. It’s ok.  Straight men can love musicals too! Try telling me I can’t!  Go on, I dare ya! Or how about you let go of the stereotype that only gay guys can enjoy this stuff and get your feet a tapping and your voice a singing, because folks, there’s joy in these songs and shows, and we can never have too much joy in the world.  It does make the world a better place.

What is your favourite musical?  Have you watched SMASH? Did you enjoy it or happy to see it go?

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  1. Speaking as another totally straight man who has been personally involved in musical theater for more than 40 years – yes we can!

    I was introduced to Broadway very young (it’s nice to have it in my “backyard”) since my parents were Broadway show goers even before I was born. This was an era when Broadway was not the big tourist magnet it is now, but more of a private domain for us NYers. I did the same for my own children.

    I participated in my first show in summer camp when I was about 8, but later, as a musician played in the pit for the first time in 1966. In 1971 while I was in college I played in the pit for my first community theater production and did many more until I graduated.

    A number of years later, I was appointed musical director of my first community theater show and have directed dozens since then – including dinner theater and college theater arts productions.

    Before I retired, when a new person was hired and assigned to the office next to mine, I overheard him one day talking about a friend was loved musicals and how he must be gay. I invited him in to my office where I had posters from many of the shows I directed on my walls!

    One other benefit for me has been that my son and daughter – both musicians in their own right – have played in many of my show bands.

    Yes, I love the shows you mentioned – especially the first season of Smash, having gone through that process so many times myself. The original plans had called for Bombshell to have actually been produced on Broadway had the show been a big hit.

    So yes … straight men can love musicals too!

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