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Policy or Politics?

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Oh Australian Politics. You have been so shameful recently. Not because of corruption or negligence but because of the school yard fighting.  The name calling and muck raking is more juvenile than a year 5 class room.

I am so over it.

I don’t care about gender in politics. It shouldn’t matter. You are all able to get the job done. That is all that should matter, no matter your gender.  Yet, the Prime Minister continues to play this card.  A bunch of men wearing blue ties. She’s including a hell of a lot of members of her own party in that gender classification. No wonder she is losing support by the truck load from within her own party.

And then we have #menugate. Oh the hashtag allows everyone on Twitter to join in on the conversation on this one. Describing the Prime Minister as a small breasted and big thighed woman was a disgrace for the venue that held the dinner, but I’ll come clean and laughed when I first heard that ‘joke’ a couple of years ago. Now, it’s no longer funny.  It’s distracting the nation from having a more important conversation.

And finally what about the continual talk of the Labor leadership? Ex-PM, Kevin Rudd has consistenly denied he won’t ever be making a challenge for the leadership of the Labor party and therefore a return as Prime Minister. We’ve had a gut full of it all. It’s a distraction from the more important conversation.

It’s time for a change and I think it’s has to be driven by the media. Oh yes, the media. You are not without blame in all of this as well.  You continue to report on stories such as the ones I’ve already spoken about. The Australian public, and I dare I speak on behalf of all of us, have had it up to our eye balls with this stuff.

We want to hear about POLICY. Not POLITICS.

  • We want to hear how the government plans on putting us back into surplus, sooner rather than later.
  • We want to know how you will stop the boats safely to avoid hundreds or thousands more people dying in a dangerous journey in a rickety old boat over an unforgiving passage of dangerous water.
  • We want to know who will be brave enough to legalise same sex marriage.  The majority of the population support this. You are here to govern for the majority.
  • We want to know how the government will protect the environment and protect jobs at the same time.
  • We want to know how families, living in poverty, will be given a fair go to climb out of the basement and into a standard way of living. Note I didn’t say the penthouse. They just want the basic necessities to live by.
  • We want to see improvement in skills and training for all and how we keep Aussie jobs in Australia and how we can compete in an ever increasing globalised society.

Who will answer the call?  Is there anyone out there?  At the moment, I can’t see how either Labor or the Coalition can do this. They’ve descended into such an insipid and derogatory tone, I just don’t think they get it.  Will Clive Palmer and his United Party make a difference?  What about Bob Katter and his new party?  Or will the Democrats rise again?  All interesting questions and only time will tell.

The media in Australia is strong and whether we like it or not, they dictate the debate and tell us what they want us to hear.  They seem to be more interested in the muck raking than the policies. Well at least that is my opinion on the way the media reports in this country, across all of the networks and cable TV.  We need a real life Will McEvoy from the fictional TV drama, The Newsroom. We need someone who will continually ask the tough questions and leave the personalities out of the discussion.

But if we get this someone, we, the people, need to watch and listen and also ask the important questions. We need to stop hash tagging #menugate and #convoyofcleavage and instead start hash tagging #howaboutpolicy or #climate or #jobsforoz instead.

 I’ve had enough. What about you?

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