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What Has Happened To Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

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The case of missing flight MH570 is so intriguing. There are so many theories and until the plane is found either intact or in pieces, no one will know for sure. The speculation of what might have happened from a hijacking to terrorism to suicidal pilots to mechanical failure means that any of these is possible.

I have a few questions/theories/points:

1. If it was terrorism, why has no group claimed responsibility? Usually this would have happened by now so I think we can rule out terrorism.

2. If it was a mechanical error, then why is there no debris (within the region the flight should have continued on)?

3. Also, if it was a mechanical error, why are the authorities now saying the transponder was turned off (impossible to do accidentally) and the plane kept flying for up to 6 hours? I think we can rule out mechanical issues or a mid flight explosion.

4. If it was a hijacking, why did the hijacker not get in touch with the relevant ATC and issue his/her/their demands? There’s no point in hijacking a plane with 200+ people on board if you don’t want something. If the plane was hijacked and has landed somewhere off the grid, why wait so long for the demands to be issued? Feeding 200+ people who are angry would be a tough task. I think we can rule out a hijacking.

5. If it was a suicidal passenger who overtook the plane, why didn’t he/she throw themselves off of a bridge instead? Unless it was a spur of the moment decision but then gaining access to the cockpit on flights in this day and age is near impossible. I think we can rule out all of the passengers.

Using the scientific principal of Occam’s Razor where that, all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the right one. Then this leads me to my final theory.

6. I think it was a suicidal pilot. There is already somebody in the cockpit so no access is needed. He could have stood up and gone behind the other pilot and incapacitated him somehow. For the next few hours the pilot has changed course and flown in a random direction until the plane ran out of fuel and crashed, probably somewhere in the middle of the South Indian Ocean. Yes, he could have jumped off of a bridge but maybe he had life insurance for his family which is null and void by suicide.  Why did he fly for so long after turning off the transponder?  Who knows but maybe he was wanting to live that little bit longer or was still plucking up the courage to do what he was about to do.

If it was a suicidal pilot, he has done it not for notoriety but probably to support his family. If it was for notoriety surely a suicide note, or Youtube video or something would have been uncovered for now.

Again, this is all speculation and my thoughts. I am probably way wrong and maybe we’ll never find out. It’s sad that there is a possible mass loss of life, but it is a very intriguing case and I hope that we find out the real cause of this missing plane, not just to satisfy our curiosity but for the families of the passengers and crew who must be enduring an agonising wait for answers.

What do you think happened?

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