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Jack McClane is a resident of Brisbane, Australia where he lives with his fiancee, Kate and their children.

Excelling in English at school, Jack has always had a way with words but when he finished school, his plans of becoming a high school English teacher were shelved when he detoured into management.

The itch was always with him to write however, often thinking up ideas for movies and TV shows and the odd musical as well. With the advent of social media, Jack found his voice on Facebook and Twitter. His social media philosophy is to be entertaining. He shies away from drama both in real life and online.

Eventually, Jack started to write full-length articles. He called them articles because he didn’t really like the word ‘blog’. He used a couple of different names for the website, mainly under the title: A Blog About Nothing Much – a reference to his favourite TV show about nothing, Seinfeld. He persisted with the word ‘blog’ in the title as it was the go-to word for most people anyway, so he thought, why fight it?!

This website was created to assist Jack to become a better writer. It is full of lots of different articles about events that were current at the time, or stories about things he has experienced. If you read each article written, we think you’d be able to get a sense of the kind of person that Jack is. Feel free to get in touch with your thoughts.

In late 2010, Jack had an idea for a book about love and what a person would be willing to do to get that love back if it had been lost. He quickly wrote three chapters before shelving the book when his first marriage broke down. He wanted to put all of his attention into raising his two beautiful daughters.

A couple of years after that, with the book still sitting at three chapters, Jack met his now fiancee, Kate and that kept him pretty busy for a while. However, the book was always in the back of his mind and he knew that he had to finish it.  In March 2017, he pulled out his laptop and wrote a couple of chapters, but it got parked again.

In November 2017, Jack finally put his head down and got stuck into writing. It became a daily habit and maybe a little bit of an obsession. He found himself watching a lot less TV and just started writing, which he thoroughly enjoyed doing.

After some re-writes and editing, Jack finished writing his debut novel, A Matter of Time on February 7, 2018.

It is a story about love. Not just between a man and a woman, but the love a father feels for his children.

When tragedy strikes, Max Stone’s life falls into a deep depression. He has lost his children and his wife and has little to live for. When an opportunity arises to find love all over again, Max embarks on a journey of rediscovery. But, there is a dark force in play that Max has to recognise and battle, to find the happiness that has eluded him for the past dozen years.

A Matter of Time is now available in paperback via Amazon or to download onto Kindle devices and the Kindle app. Click here to view the Amazon Store.

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