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The Moon and the Lunar Eclipse

I’ve never really been interested in photographing the moon until I bought my DSLR camera.  Now I love taking photos of our galaxy’s closest neighbour.

On the night of Saturday, December 11, we were able to witness the last fully lunar eclipse until 2014 and it didn’t disappoint.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the eclipse and also some almost full moon shots taken 2 days after the eclipse and below the photos is a short video I shot of the red moon just after the eclipse.

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Lara the Star

Earlier this year, Lara was signed by a modelling agency and at her very first audition, she landed a role in a Sony Video Camera production.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a television commercial but it was used as an internal video to help retailers to buy their new camera.

Well we finally have the video and you can see our little star from 16 seconds in.  She is such a star and a natural.  No bias here.


The Amazing Race Australia – Audition Video

My mate Dave and I applied for the Amazing Race Australia and sent off this audition video.  It’s pretty obvious that we didn’t make it as it is now late October and they wanted to start shooting in October/November/December.

One of the conditions of the application was not to put your audition on line but seeing as how we weren’t successful, I thought you might like to see it.

Plenty of others have broadcasted theirs on YouTube, especially since the beginning so I doubt they read the T&C’s carefully!

I can’t wait to see the Aussie version though I might be spewing when I see some of the exciting places they went to!

Anyway, enjoy.  We had fun making it.

Top 10 Great Movie Speeches

All of my regular readers know that I am a huge movie buff and one part of the moviews that I love are epic movie speeches.  From Braveheart to Rocky Balboa here are my top 10 movie speeches.  Many of these speeches I know by heart.

If I miss something off of the list, let me know below and we can compare notes.

10           Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King – Vitto Mortensen as the reluctant king, Aragorn marshalling the troops at the gates of Mordor.

9             Tombstone – Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp throwing down the challenge to the Cowboys.

8             Armageddon – Charlton Heston’s introduction explaining what happened to the dinosaurs in this Bruce Willis starring action role.

8a          Armageddon – The President tells the world that troubles a coming

7             Rocky Balboa – Sylvester Stallone to his son about winning and taking responsibility.

6             Braveheart – Mel Gibson marshalling the troops in Medieval Scotland as the Scottish hero, William Wallace.

5             Independence Day – Bull Pullman as the President, firing up his amateur airforce pilots taking on alien invaders led by Will Smith.

4             Scent of a WomanAl Pacino’s passionate speech to the school board so Chris O’Donnell can return to school.

3             The Dark Knight – Gary Oldman telling his son why they need to chase Batman.

2             Any Given Sunday – Al Pacino prepping his football team in the classic Peace By Inches speech.

1             A Few Good MenJack Nicholson going head to head with Tom Cruise in the best court room speech ever.

1a           A Few Good Men – Jack McClane doing his version a few years ago.  I apologise in advance.  Excuse the moustache – it was Movember.

So what do you think?  Agree with my list?  What would you add to it?  What would you take out?

The Greatest Commercial Of All Time

I went to the cinema last night to see Salt.  I always enjoy getting there early to see the previews but not necessarily the ads.

Until last night.

An ad came on which promised to tell the true story of a man who walked around the world.  Over 5 minutes later the ad finished and the whole cinema was in silence, which is so rare during a commercial.

The ad was for Johnnie Walker Scotch.

I am happy to crown this the greatest commercial of all time for all different reasons.  From the actor (Robert Carlyle) to the setting to the absolutely brilliant timings to the story told.

Being a non drinker, it almost worked.  I almost bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Here it is.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Is it the best ad you have ever seen?  If not, what is?

Lara Sings “Good Morning Baltimore”

When the movie, Hairspray was released in 2007, it became an instant hit at our place.

The Soundtrack was on high rotation in my car and the only music we could listen to when my kids were in the car, was Hairspray. My then 3 year old daughter, Lara, absolutely loved it.

In this footage I shot on the way to daycare one morning, Lara sang the opening song, “Good Morning Baltimore”.

Stick with it.  The last minute is the best.

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Mr W

Check out this TV Commercial from Europe.  Wait for the twist at the end.


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