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My Bucket List


Before I kick the bucket here is a list of things that I want to do. I will add to the list as time goes on and I hear of new and exciting things to do.

nb. Anyone who is rich and wants to sponsor me, drop me a line!

Walk both my girls down the aisle.

Watch both my girls graduate from Uni (if that is what they want to do).

Go on a pilgrimage to Gallipoli for the 100th anniversary in 2015 and pay my respects to those brave diggers.

Trek the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea to honour our diggers.

Sky-dive again…..this time SOLO.

Get to 105kg.

Write a book (the one I have already started would be nice).

Tour North America – New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, L.A. but also some of the smaller cities like Boulder and Seattle.  Also visit states like Arkansas and Oklohoma (but not in twister season). In fact I want to spend 12 months road tripping throughout the US and Canada and Mexico.

Play golf at St Andrews and Augusta.

Have a kick to kick and training session with the Brisbane Lions AFL team.

Meet Bruce Willis.

Canoe down one of the great rivers in Africa.

Give a financial gift to a family that will make a difference….for life.

Host a radio show for a night.

Attend The Academy Awards (preferrably for receiving a Best Writing Oscar).

Do a stand-up comedy gig one night (and not get booed off stage).

Meet Jerry Seinfeld.

Eat a traditional, Brooklyn style pizza in New York.

Visit those parts of Australia that overseas tourists visit but I haven’t, like Uluru!

Go ice fishing in Minnesota in January! Any January.

Travel through Europe. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia.

Visit Greece and her islands.

Meet Willie and Judy in Cooktown and go on a guided tour with them

Photograph the Northern Lights

Get singing lessons and don’t embarrass myself for just one song

Attend the ANZAC Day Match – Essendon v Collingwood at the MCG.


What’s on your bucket list?


  1. Pjo/Phyl says:

    just been reading your blogs (came upon u via twitter and the inxs post – i am a huge JD Fortune & INXS fan).

    In terms of your bucket list… can’t help you with ice fishing in Minnesota but if you want to come a little further NORTH…. i am in Manitoba Canada… Minnesota peeps are 8 hrs south of us…. beautiful country we have including ice fishing – or if you want ot catch a train/small scary plane … there are polar bears in the Hudson Bay and Beluga Whales … miracles to see in the wild/for real…. about 10 hours trek north by rickety transport from our capital city in Manitoba but well worth it….

    Enjoying your writing and i would definitely buy your book – really enjoy your style of writing…

    all the best from Manitoba Canada

  2. ladyamazing says:

    There’s a couple on there that are on my bucket list, too: Gallipoli in 2015, the Kokoda Track, and the Aussie icons that are in all the travel brochures.

  3. silvermistsprite says:

    Well I’m not rich so I can’t sponsor you, however I have been enjoying reading your blogs.
    I would love to see the Northern Lights also and travel……one day maybe.
    Keep it up, doing great!

  4. silvermistsprite says:

    Thanks Jack, yes I particularly liked the blog about getting fit and doing tough mudder (that’s one of my goals after a lot of training!)
    I also just liked to read your bucket list, there are some very interesting things on there.

  5. David Hayter says:

    Hi mate, The stand-up gig shouldn’t be a big problem even though skydiving is a lot easier to do than stand-up. Was a stand-up for twenty years. If you want to start learning start up a chat with me and I’ll teach you the fundamentals and then we can put ten minutes together and you can go along to a club with an open mic night. The sit down comedy club I know has been around a while and may still be. Most of the clubs have an open mic spot for beginners. Down here in Adelaide I’ve taught heaps of people who have gone on to do stand up on a regular basis.

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