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I saw a UFO too

It seems Australia might be getting a lot more UFO sightings than usual if the recent sighting in Sydney is anything to go by.  On March 24, Sydney resident, Fiona Hartigan witnessed and took this photo of a UFO hovering overhead.

At the time I thought poppy cock, that is a spec of dirt on her windscreen or lens but after my own experience just 2 days later, well now I am not so sure.

A “UFO” tracked me all the way from the Sunshine Coast to my home last week.  I am not sure why it didn’t deviate or go off course but the evidence of the “UFO” is overwhelming as it flew almost parallel to my car for almost an hour.  I am convinced that this alien ship wanted to communicate to me some how but when I pulled into my garage and went outside, it was gone.

As you can see the “UFO” is blurred in the photo due to the incredible speed it must have been travelling at and it is obviously travelling in my direction due to the tail of the ship being at the back of it.

Disappointed the “UFO” had disappeared, I quickly raced inside and called SETI and the Airforce and neither organisation could back up my story.  Obviously their radars must have been malfunctioning, possibly by the “UFO” cloaking itself or jamming their signal.

I await the arrival now of our alien neighbours and hope they bring back Elvis and Harold Holt.

Did you see this strange looking “UFO” flying over northern Brisbane on March 26 or at any other time?  Have you witnessed any strange flying objects before?  Let us all know and we can form a club!

ET’s – Is there life out there? Part 2

Yesterday’s blog was based on the story about a wormhole which appeared briefly over the skies of Norway.  Today I would like to offer up my second opinion on what UFO sightings might be and if there are actually extraterrestrials out there.

I believe there is life out there and I mean intelligent life.  The universe is too big a place for us to be all alone.  Chances are that we will never know for sure but have we been given hints that perhaps there is life out there?  The wormhole incident in Norway may have been the biggest hint yet.  So if it is ET’s what are they doing here?  Surely you wouldn’t travel all this way not to interact with us.  Unless they are on a reconnaissance mission to check up on us and see how we are going.  But why would they want to check up on us?  Are they checking to make sure we can’t fight back if their intention is to attack Earth and take over?  I don’t think that is their intention because as time goes on we develop more effective weapons of our own to fight back and more risk to them.  They could have attacked 60 years ago and we would have had zero chance.  Now we might have 2% of a chance.  So what are they doing?  So here is my theory and yes, I admit it is a pretty wild one and while I am not saying this is the actual case, I’m also not saying it isn’t possible.

Mankind is estimated to be approx 60,000 years old, give or take a century or two. I think it is possible that humans were actually transported here by our alien ancestors many thousands of years ago.  Sort of intergalactic immigrants for want of a better term.  The reason we were transported to Earth was because our race may have had a genetical disability, the equivalent to modern day disabilities like Down Syndrome or Autism.  They could have decided that the only way to ensure that their species on their home planet could avoid such disabilities in the future was to emigrate those afflicted with these terrible diseases to Earth. Not very PC but perhaps political correctness is not a big issue on the home planet.  At least they didn’t do a Hitler and try and wipe us out but sought a solution which was acceptable to their way of life.  I’m also not saying that there were thousands who were brought to Earth.  It might have only been a dozen or so or perhaps a few dozen. Maybe they brought a fleet here.  Buggered if I know. This may have happened and what we see now as UFO’s is just our alien ancestors coming to see how we are progressing and how we are going.  Their mission is to observe and report.  That is all.

Perhaps they look like us and roam amongst us.  Perhaps they hold official office.  Perhaps the ex New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke is one (there has to be an explanation).  Perhaps they aren’t.  Who knows and that is the point.  No one knows and no one can prove either way that they do exist or that they don’t exist.  Same as we can’t prove or disprove that God exists but that is a whole other discussion.

So they are my two theories.  Do you believe that we are not alone?  What are your thoughts on the whole UFO debate?  Am I a whack job and need to be removed from the planet?  Or am I close to the mark with just some tweaking required? I look forward to your comments.

ET’s – Is there life out there?

Today I read a story about a wormhole which appeared briefly over the skies of Norway.  There is much debate whether it was a hoax or a Russian missile or visitors from another planet. Until little green men walk into the United Nations I don’t think we will ever be 100% sure that aliens exist or for that matter, don’t exist.  I think that anyone who believes that we are all alone in this massive universe is delusional.

The universe is that big we will most likely never know, well not in our lifetime anyway.  Scientist say that the ability for aliens to visit us from outside of our own solar system is impossible due to the vast distances needed to be travelled.  Let’s put it into perspective.  To travel from one side of our galaxy, The Milky Way, to the other side using current conventional spacecraft would take approx 30,000 years.  And that is just our galaxy.  The current spaceshuttle’s maximum speed once in orbit is 11,000 km/h.  Using known resources this speed may be able to increase in the years to come but not by much.  So using this theory, scientist say that travelling to Earth from outside of our galaxy (or even within it) is impossible by our little green friends.  But who is to say that on far away planets they don’t have an energy source so much more capable than our own to be able to reach the incredible speeds required to come for a cup of tea?

I digress from what I want to theorise about.

Let me throw out another alternative which I have been thinking about for many years now. I’m not saying this is fact or actual but I definitely think it is possible.   Could the UFO sightings be not our neighbours coming over for a game of intergalactic poker but rather…..us?  Not the ‘us’ of this time and date but ‘us’ from the future? Is it possible that the human race in the future has discovered the art of time travel?  Who’s to say that ‘us’ are not walking around our cities and towns today and living amongst us.   Now before you laugh and say that is absurd, have a long hard think about it.  How do we know that it won’t happen 1,000 years from now?  Think about it.  In the mid 1700’s if you told a person that they would be able to fly over oceans in a matter of hours you would have been drawn and quartered.  In the early 1900’s if you told people that they could watch television and surf the net you would have been institutionalised.  So how can we say that something which is currently impossible is not actually possible in the future?  We can’t.

Ok, so in my theory it is actually ‘us’ coming back in time to visit us.  That doesn’t explain the lights in the sky.  In the 1985 movie, Back to the Future, the time machine is built within a DeLorean motor car which is modified in the future to fly.  Perhaps the time machines of the future are built inside flying vehicles.  Who knows?  We might never know but it is a possibility.  So these time machines arrive in our time but because they look so different to what we have now, they need to be camouflaged.  So as Gene Roddenberry envisioned in the Star Trek series,  perhaps the future ‘us’ has also invented the cloaking device!

What do you think?  Are UFO’s real?  Is there life out there?  Do you think it is possible that the future ‘us’ will invent time travel?  Or do you think that I am completely bonkers and that there is nothing out there and that all UFO sightings are coincidences and can be easily explained?

My next BLOG will be the other theory I have about UFO’s.  Stay tuned.  It is pretty wild.

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Disaster Movies – It’s not the end of the world

Last week I went to see the new Roland Emmerich film, 2012….twice!  I love disaster movies.  I think the first disaster movie I ever saw was The Towering Inferno or it may have been Airport 1975.  I’m not sure but both have left a mark on me that I get a thrill out of seeing people die in a grand way.  Planes crashing, meteors smashing into earth, killer earthquakes, global warming tsunami’s.  The bigger, the better.  So it is only apt that with the release of 2012 that I give to you my top 10 list of disaster movies:

10. War of the Worlds (2005) Many of you will be thinking that any post ‘couch jumping’ film starring Tom Cruise is a disaster but under the steady direction of the master, Steven Spielberg, the retelling of 1953 H.G. Well’s dramatic alien invasion is very well done.  Tom’s character, Ray along with his reluctant kids must find a way to survive the war started by the tripod aliens.  The only downside of the film was the performance by Tim Robbins, a basement dwelling wacko!  The special effects were great with the destruction of building and bridges and people all masterfully done.  Score 6/10

9. Airport 1975 (1975)Starring Charlton Heston this film is about a commercial airliner that collides with a small plane which leaves a gaping hole in the cockpit and both pilots dead.  The control tower has to try and get a pilot on board while the head stewardess flies the plane.  Simple in plot and effects it is a gripping story of survival.  Score 6.5/10




8. The Towering Inferno (1974) – A couple of great scenes figure here for me.  One is Robert Wagner (his stunt double anyway) in his hotel room which is in the midst of the inferno. He has covered himself in a wet blanket and is trying to make the front door to raise the alarm and to rescue his mistress.  Within seconds of leaving the bathroom he is caught up in the blaze and eventually dies.  What makes this scene fantastic is that the camera is located on the outside of the room showing the full length of the room and it doesn’t change shot during his impossible dash to safety and is shown in slow motion.  Amazing scene.  Score 7/10.

7. Deep Impact (1998) – When this and Armageddon came out in the same year it really was a box office battle akin to two meteors crashing into each other.  Mimi Leder’s film lacked star power (compared with Armageddon) with a still young Elijah Wood starring as the high school student who discovered the deadly rock hurtling towards earth and an impressive Morgan Freeman as the US President (a full decade earlier than Barrack Obama).  It had some great scenes of destruction including a giant tsunami which took out the east coast of America (and Tea Leoni).  The ending was good with Robert Duvall and team sacrificing themselves in a kamakazi move flying their shuttle into the approaching meteor and triggering the nuclear explosion needed.  Score 7/10

6. The Poseidon Adventure (1972) – In an era of disaster movies in the early 70’s this story of a ship that is capsized by a freak wave was ground breaking in its special effects.  With a young Gene Hackman leading a small group of survivors that includes Ernest Borgnine from the now bottom of the ship to the top for a chance at rescue is gripping in suspense.  The 2006 remake “Poseidon” starring Kurt Russell had a better capsizing sequence but lacked the emotional connection as in the original.  Score – 7.5/10

5. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) – Directed by Roland Emmerich and the first real film to deal with climate change saw Dennis Quaid trying to reach his stranded son (Jake Gyllenhaal) in a flooded then snowed in New York City (the epicentre of all world disasters).  Dramatic twisters tear apart Los Angeles earlier in the film and when a TV reporter gets blown away by a billboard then you know that no life is sacred.   Score 7.5/10

4.   Titanic (1997) – James Cameron’s epic love story with the sinking of the ‘unsinkable’ ship, Titanic serving as the back drop.  The first half of this film does not qualify as a disaster film due to the ensuing courtship of Jack and Rose but the second half delivers ‘disaster’ in bucket loads.  James Cameron’s Titanic set was unbelievably accurate down to the crockery and detail of the grand stairways banisters and the crews uniforms.  When the doomed ship strikes the iceberg that we all know will sink her, it is not a question of if the ship will sink, but how it sinks.  Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as doomed lovers Jack and Rose the ship slowly sinks beneath the icy waters of the north Atlantic in spectacular special effects.  At over 3 hours long this movie is an epic and one of the great disaster movies of all time.  Score 8/10

3. 2012 (2009) – Another Roland Emmerich film based on the ancients Mayan’s belief that the world will end when the Mayan calendar ends its current cycle on December 21, 2012.  With Danny Glover (another black president) telling the world leaders that the world is going to end it doesn’t take long for the action to really start.  Starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet as divorced parents of 2 kids, they are soon racing to escape catastrophic L.A. earthquakes.  It was also great to see New York spared from any onscreen disaster (even though we know it cops it). A great cameo by Woody Harrelson as the front row end of the world radio announcer this film has the best destruction sequences I have ever seen.  At over 2.5 hours long buckle in for a thrill ride I don’t think we will see again for a long time.  Score 8.5/10

2. Independence Day (1996) – Perhaps the reinvention of the epic disaster movie was delivered through this Roland Emmerich vehicle when aliens conduct a coordinated attack on Earth’s major cities.  An all star cast led superbly by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.  New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. are all pulverised with the destruction of the White House, particularly blown up in amazing special effects.  One of my favourite parts of the movie is the speech delivered by the American President played by Bill Pullman drawing on the inspiration of the American holiday, Independence Day.  Here’s the closing parts to this speech.  “…once again, you will be fighting for your freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression or persecution, but from annihilation.  We are fighting for our right to live…to exist, and should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday but as the day when the world declared in one voice, we will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight.  We’re gonna live on, we’re gonna survive.  Today we celebrate our Independence Day.” Ok, I just typed this speech out from memory, I love it that much.  Score 9/10

1. Armageddon (1998) – The big brother to Deep Impact sees a meteor the size of Texas heading towards Earth and it is up to one man and his team of red neck deep core drillers to save the world. Enter Bruce Willis and an all star cast including Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck and Michael Clark Duncan along with Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Peter Stormare and Steve Buscemi.  Together they fly two shuttles to the meteor and they have to drill 800ft to drop in a nuclear bomb to blow it up from the inside out.  New York is destroyed early in the film by meteor showers the size of refrigerators and Volkswagens’ and it isn’t long before parts of Paris and Shanghai are also destroyed.  Director, Michael Bay uses his signature slow panning shots in a lot of his movies and Armageddon is no different.  With a great script and a colossal team of actors, this film was the big hit of 1998.   Score 9.5/10

So that is my top 10.  Some honourable mentions that didn’t make the list include The Perfect Storm, Dante’s Peak, Volcano, Daylight, I am Legend and Knowing.  None of these movies are Gone with the Wind or Citizen Cane and you know what?  I don’t want them to be.  Yes they are all very far fatched and that is what I like about them.  It is an escape from reality.  If I want to see reality then I will just stay at home.  So please keep the epic disaster movie coming.

Do you agree with my list?  What would add to the list?  Would you change any of my scores?  What will the next disaster movie be about?  Let me know below.