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A Message to the Boston Marathon Terrorists

There’s a couple of guys in the US right now who can feel their world closing in around them.

How does it feel guys? Are people looking at you? Are people whispering as you walk by? Or are you holed up in a house and relying on others? Or are you alone?

You’ll need to come out eventually for supplies.

If someone’s helping you, can they be trusted to not turn you in?

How are you sleeping? I bet you’re glued to the TV. Look, there’s your face. Won’t be long now guys.

Don’t jump at that noise outside, that’s just a squirrel. The big dogs are coming for you though.

The sweat you have now will be nothing once you’re stuck in a windowless room getting tortured for information about who you’re working for. What group you represent, or are you just a couple of so-called patriots trying to save your 2nd amendment rights? Are you upset because your guns might be taken away and you’re trying to divert attention away from gun control?

No matter what, you’re both sick puppies whose walls are closing in around you.

How’s that cabin fever going?

The pressure is building just like in the pressure cookers you used to callously kill 3 innocents and ruin the lives of so many others.

Can you handle that pressure? It’s never gonna ease up. Your lives are over. You just don’t know it yet. I’m looking forward to seeing you in cuffs very soon and having your mugshots plastered all over the evening news.

Very soon, everyone will know your names.  Or is that what you want?  Fame?  More like infamy.

Enjoy that fried chicken while you can because your days of being free are done.

Because no matter how much you and your kind terrorise the world, good people will always stand up and say no and take you down. You’re fighting a losing war. You’re just too stupid to know it.

You think you know terror? You don’t. But you will.

The good guys are coming to get you. Soon you’ll be swarmed upon by good men and women in blue jackets with yellow ‘FBI’ written on the back.  They’ll come in guns drawn with dogs and tasers.

You’re done. You’re cooked. If Massachusetts has the death penalty, you’ll get it.

And it will be for nothing.  Your crusade will never change the way that a free and good society will behave.  We will continue to live our lives. We will celebrate those enjoying a marathon.  We will celebrate at stadiums and we will go to cinemas and sky shows.  We will do so without fear because we are free and nothing you do, will change that.

Those walls are a little bit closer than they were a few hours ago, aren’t they?

Enjoy these last minutes of freedom, because you’ll never experience them again.