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The Best Job Ever

I’ve always been a worker.  I’ve been working since I was 10.  In that time I have had plenty of jobs.  I wonder what was my best job ever.  Let’s take a look and see.

Aged 10 – Record Store – Back in the early 80’s there were record stores everywhere and my job was to hand write labels to put in the record machine.  I had pretty neat writing for a kid.  I think that job lasted a few weeks.  I got it by going in and asking if they had any jobs going.  To my surprise I got one.  It would never happen today.  So was this the best job ever?

Nope.  Not even close.  Next.

Aged 10 – Paper Round –  I walked around the streets of Milton in Brisbane way before Park Rd became trendy, selling newspapers and magazines.  I met some interesting characters but selling Playboy and Penthouse at the age of 10 was funny.  If I was a few years older I am sure I would have ‘read the articles’ during the paper run.  So was this my best job ever?

Nope.  Next.

Aged 11 – Taxi Phone Operator – I had to leave my job as a paper boy as we moved from Brisbane to Bowen.  There I became great friends with our neighbours who happened to own a taxi in the small North Queensland town.  I did this job for a few months but working from 5pm to 10pm 3 -4 days a week was hard work for an 11 year old boy still at school.  I earnt $12 a shift which was so much money and bought some great Lego pieces at the time.  Was this the best job ever?

Nope.  Next.

Aged 14 –  Donut King – It started off just as a cleaners job cleaning the store after the store closed.  After a couple of months they asked me if I wanted to help make the donuts early in the morning.  I said sure but hated it after repeatedly burning my fingers on the hot dough.  The best part of this job was being told to hire a friend to help.  So at age 14 I had my first employee reporting to me.  So with an ample supply of free donuts, was this the best job ever?

Nup! No way.

Aged 15 – Coles – I started out at Coles in Grade 10 and fulfilled plenty of roles from checkout chick, trolley boy, parcel pick up and floor staff.  I worked every Thursday night and Saturday mornings and earnt a little bit of pocket money.  Best memory was making out with a female colleague in the huge cool room.  Worst memory was being asked why my till was down over $150 one day. I don’t know! Honestly.  I worked at Coles for 2 years and my school formal date for Year 12 worked there too. Can’t remember her name to save my life but I enjoyed working there.  Surely with the cool room liaison with the girl this would make this my best job ever?

Not even close.

Aged 17 – Australian Regular Army – I’ve written about this extensively on this blog. For those late to the party it was a hard time for me and a time I wish I had have better handled.  When I look back I see that it actually was a pretty good time and I wish I could have a do over.  Obviously this isn’t my best job ever.  Or is it?

Don’t be silly, Billy.

Aged 18 – Pizza Delivery Driver – I repeated year 12 in 1991 and got a part time job delivering pizza.  It was a great job.  Sitting on your bum listening to your radio.  Delivering pizza to hot chicks.  The social life with the other staff was always good fun with plenty of parties and sporting days and poker nights always being organised.  So was this the best job ever?

Nope!  It was fun but not the best job ever.

Aged 19 – Store Manager for Silvio’s/Domino’s –  Oh this was fun.  Working from 3pm to 11pm up to 7 days a week was great.  It left the days free for golf and the beach.  Free pizza.  Free videos from the video shop next door.  Food swaps with Hungry Jacks.  Working with fun people.  It was a fun time and I learnt a lot.  This surely must be the best job ever?

No way, Jose!

Aged 21 – Operations Trainer for Silvio’s/Domino’s –  This is when I got to really start travelling.  I opened new stores in Cairns, Townsville, Launceston and spent 6 months in Darwin.  It was great fun.  I remember going to the Pickled Parrot piano bar in Darwin just about every night and singing along with the husband/wife duo.  Eating watermelon in June in the backyard wearing only boxers.  Going to Litchfield National Park, driving on roads with no speed limits.  It was a hoot.  So was this the best job ever.

Close but no cigar.

Aged 24 – Paging Operator and Sales Rep for Hutchison Telecoms – After burning out in the pizza game, I wanted something which was easy and I had zero responsibility bar turning up for work.  When I found out I was going to be one of 4 blokes in a sea of 150 female operators I knew I was in for some fun.  As it turned out, this is where I met my future wife.  But was this the best job ever?

It was fun, but no, not even close.

Aged 27 – Store Manager – Domino’s –  After 3 years out, the lure of the pizza game pulled me back in and this time I moved to Adelaide with my family to help start up the new pizza market down there.  Was this the best job ever?

Nope!  Next.

Aged 29 – Franchise Consultant, Domino’s –  After a couple of years in Adelaide, I was asked to go to Sydney with Domino’s and being the loyal servant I was, off we went.  This was followed by another stint in Adelaide and one in Melbourne before coming back to Brisbane where I stayed until 2010.  I got to travel a lot during this time looking after Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.  I went to small towns like Port Augusta, Broome in Australia’s north west.  Katherine in the Northern Territory.  Kununurra in the far western north on Australia.  Broken Hill and a thousand other small towns and areas of outback Australia.  I spent two weeks in Dunedin in the middle of winter which was my first (and only) overseas trip.  I met some amazing people and made some life long friends.  So was this the best job ever?  Surely it must be?


Aged 33 – Producer, The Sunday Roast on 5AA – This was just something I did on Sunday mornings producing this sports radio show hosted by ex Adelaide Crows AFL Footballer, Steven Rowe.  It was great setting up interviews with sports stars from all different sporting codes across Australia.  This job gave me a money can’t buy, all access AFL Media Pass which allowed me to gain free entry to any AFL game across the country and sit in the media room which was catered with free drinks and food.  In the year that I did this job, I saw my beloved Brisbane Lions play at AAMI Stadium, Docklands, The MCG, Subiaco and of course The Gabba and it didn’t cost me a cent.  Unfortunately it was also the year after our 4th consecutive grand final and we didn’t win a lot of games.  So this had to be the best job ever right?

Close.  So very close but no.

Aged 37 – Current job – This will remain confidential to protect my identity though some of you reading this will already know it – It’s pretty similar to my Domino’s role but is this the best job ever?

No way.

Well by now you are surely confused.  I’ve listed every job I have ever had from I was 10 years of age to now and not one of them is my favourite job.  I wonder what that could be.  Oh hang on, I missed one.

Aged 25 to current – DADDY –   It’s a job that doesn’t pay me a cent but I get the most satisfaction out of it.  It doesn’t cause me any stress unlike other jobs.  It gives me daily satisfaction and bonuses that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  It makes me smile every single day and makes me laugh more than any Seinfeld rerun ever will.  The job satisfaction I get from being a Daddy makes me want to turn up and do it all again tomorrow.  It makes my hair stand up on end when I see a photo of a special memory or when I hear my girls laugh together.  It gives me immense pride when I read their report cards or see them master a new challenge.

In fact being a daddy is not a job at all.  It is an honour and a privilege and one I absolutely love doing.  It is the thing I love doing most and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It’s great being a daddy.