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The Time Is Now, America

Throughout history, there have been moments in time which have shaped a nation. Think JFK’s speech about sending a man to the moon or Dr King’s speech about race and equality and more recently think the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001.

Well, now there is a time to make history in the United States and today, Friday, December 14, 2012, is that day.

Today, 26 innocent victims, 20 of which were children aged just 5 to 10 years of age, paid the ultimate price for that nations lack of gun control when a gunman, at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, opened fire and shot them.

I know that the US constitution, written over 200 years ago, allows the right to bear arms, but at what cost? How many more children must die due to a lack of gun control?  Die, due to a lack of empathy?  Die, due to a lack of action?

President Obama is about to commence his final term as US President.  Under American law, he cannot go for a third term anyway.  His presidency has been dogged by financial issues due to the ever worsening economy.  He needs to lead his country into a new era of gun control and this must be his legacy.  It won’t be a popular decision and he alone cannot make the law and amend the constitution.  That will be up to the lawmakers to do so but it must be lead by Obama himself.

It will be a hard sell.

Many of the pro guns crowd, led by the NRA, will argue that they have a right to protect themselves.  Well guess what?  It’s not working? It’s never worked.  It will never work.

I’ve never seen this headline:

 “Armed Citizen Saves The Day At Public School By Killing Heavily Armed Gunman”


“Hero Civilian With The Right To Bear Arms Kills Gunman At School Before He Tried to Kill Everyone”

The reason we don’t see these headlines is because it doesn’t happen. The headlines we do see are like these:

“Madman Kills 28 in School Rampage”




“Another Mass Shooting”

And if the politicians can’t or won’t do it, then it is up to the people of the United States.  If you are a member of the NRA or are pro gun, show some true leadership and set an example that enough is enough and lay down your arms and encourage everyone to do so as well.  People power can be so powerful.

For those who say guns don’t kill people. People kill people. I agree, but why make it so easy to get access the guns?  Make it as hard as possible.

We did it in Australia.  After the Port Arthur Massacre of 1996, then Australian Prime Minister, John Howard changed our gun laws and it wasn’t an easy process.   There were a lot of people who didn’t want to give up their guns, mainly farmers and people from the bush.  But the law was changed and guess what?  Not one mass shooting since in almost 20 years.

This can be the future for the United States.  If enough people are finally outraged by today’s horrific events.

President Obama, it is time to make history.  This is the time when future generations will look back and see that someone was courageous enough to make a change.  That someone was influential enough to make a change.  That someone put their own self interests aside and just made that change.  This is your legacy.  It is your time to make a difference.

Carl Williams – Death of a Scumbag

The Melbourne gangland wars took another turn this week with the murder of notorious underworld identity, Carl Williams.  Williams was bashed by a fellow inmate at Barwon Prison in Victoria and a short time later, died of heart failure.

So what’s the problem?

There is none.  A known drug dealer and murderer is dead.  That’s great.  Maybe not great for his innocent daughter, but great for the many people who have been fucked up by his drugs.  It’s great for the tax payers of Victoria who now do not have to foot the bill for his confinement as a ‘guest’ of the Victorian Government.  That is a saving of approx $50,000 a year.  Cool.  Now that money can be reinvested into meth clinics to help treat those people who have been affected by the drugs supplied by Carl Williams and his scum crew.

The original series of Underbelly focused on the gangland wars in Melbourne. Over 30 people have been killed during this bloody battle over a 9 year period.  If I remember correctly, I don’t recall any innocent people being killed in this series.  It really was a show about murderers and drug dealers killing murderers and drug killers.  Net result?  Society is better off without them.

Wouldn’t it be great if the drug dealers and murderers knocked each other off, saving the police and the justice system the hard work of locking them up?

I have an idea which will benefit society in many ways.

Let’s close down all maximum security prisons, convert them into parks and residential areas and send all of the prisoners (read: scumbags) to a maximum security island off the coast of South Australia (read: Kangaroo Island) and have our own version of Alcatraz.

Better still.  Set it up to be like the 1980’s movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘The Running Man’.  If you haven’t seen ‘The Running Man’, rent it from your local video store this weekend and see how prisoners become the stars of a futuristic reality TV show that hunt and kill each other.  What a great way to not only keep the costs down for maintaining prisoners and their 3 square meals a day, but also reducing the risk of them ever rejoining society again.

Or better still; follow the lead of Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) in ‘Escape from New York’.  In this movie, The Big Apple is now a maximum security prison full of low lives and no gooders, who are not interested in being good citizens.  We could drop all of our prisoners into Hobart and give them Tasmania.  Let them do what they want.  Let them run amok.  They can hunt each other, kill each other, sodomise each other, whatever! Out of sight, out of mind.  The Royal Australian Navy are doing a pretty good job keeping the illegal immigrants arriving every other day out of the country, so extend their operation and patrol around Tassie, and keep the scum from leaving and from stopping anyone trying to get in to get them out!  If anyone does try to escape, the rules of engagement should be simple.  Shoot first, ask no questions later.  It works for Arnie and Sly!

Imagine if one of these scenario’s was up and running.  You could have Martin Bryant and Ivan Milat battling it out for supremacy.  The loser is on a one way trip to hell (if you believe in that crap) and the winner goes on to meet the Snowtown killers.  In days gone by, The Moran family made up of Jason, Mark, Lewis and Des could have tagged teamed against the Ibrahim family led by John.  Outwit, Outlast, Outlive could have been the tagline.  I would tune in to see scumbags killing each other.  Would you?

At the end of the day, Carl Williams was a bad man.  He was made a star because of Underbelly and achieved notoriety the equivalent of bushrangers like Ned Kelly and western villains like Jesse James. The reality was he supplied drugs to kids for money to fund his own personal advancement. When people crossed him, he killed them.  And for all the fame and notoriety and money and women where did it get him?  Bashed about the head with an iron bar and left to die alone in the exercise yard in a prison, joining the long list of drug pushing, murdering criminals who have met the same fate.

He got what he deserved along with the rest of them. Good riddance.

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