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Why I love Glee!

Lea Michele

Lea Michele The undoubted star of the show. She plays Rachel, the daughter of two gay dads who wants to be a star. The scoop is, that while Rachel will eventually get there, Lea already is. This girl can sing. With a voice as powerful as anyone I have ever heard she can handle any style of music. She is also very cute! Big nose and all.

The Songs

The producers have been very smart in choosing a mix of songs from many different decades. The safe option here would have just chosen songs from Beyonce (Single Ladies) and Lily Allen (Smile), they have also chosen artists like Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline), Van Halen (Jump), Billy Idol (Dancing with Myself) and Queen (Somebody to Love). It was important though that they captured the audience in the very first episode and they did this with the upbeat and uplifting, Don’t Stop Believing from Journey. As soon as this first episode ended with Don’t Stop Believing, I was hooked! With 2 number 1 Soundtrack Albums, you can also listen to the Glee Soundtrack in your car and iPod.

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch plays Cheerios Coach, Sue Sylvester. She lives for seeing her cheerleaders win competitions….at any costs. When the Glee Club is formed and her funding is reduced to accomodate them, she commences a campaign to destroy the Glee Club and the measures she takes and the sharp wit of her tongue is must watch TV. One of the best characters to grace the small screen in many years.

Kristin Chenowith

The Great Guest Stars

Including Josh Groban and Kristen Chenowith with Chenowith stealing the show with 3 great numbers in one episode. The next 9 episodes due to air from April, 2010 is rumoured to include Olivia Newton-John, Madonna and Neil Patrick Harris to name a few.

Chris Colfer

He plays ‘just out of the closet’, Kurt Hummel. While I am not one to usually enjoy watching gay characters on TV, Kurt’s character is so over the top camp, it is hard to resist his journey of self discovery. When he finally ‘came out’ to his father it was a great moment. Kurt’s greatest episode was the “Single Ladies” episode where Kurt, trying to prove his masculinity to his father, joins the football team – “My name is Kurt and I am here to audition for the role of kicker!” Seeing the entire William McGinley High School Football team dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was one of the great scenes of the series.

Chris Colfer

Mash-Ups A mash-up is the combination of 2 songs in one. Some of the great examples included is the mash-up of Bon Jovi’s, “It’s My Life” and Usher’s “Confessions” into one upbeat song. It’s catchy.

The Choreography Some of the best dance numbers ever seen on TV. Seeing these kids sing “Proud Mary” in wheel chairs to support the character, Artie, who is wheel chair bound, was brilliant. High energy in most dance numbers but also great for the slow numbers too. “Jump” is a personal favourite in Episode 12.

The Overall Cast The producers set out to find the best cast possible by hitting the theatres and finding the guys who can sing and dance and act. Casting a relative bunch of unknowns was also a master stroke as we are introduced to a bunch of fresh faced young performers (ok most are in their 20’s) who are all genuinely excited about the show and this is demonstrated each week in their performances.

Glee is not the most perfect show ever made. Far from it. There are some plot holes and some more character development is required, but it is simple, plain old, let your hair down FUN! I love it.

So that is why I love Glee plus a thousand other reasons. Do you watch it? What is your favourite number so far? Who is your favourite character and why?

Illegal Downloading

From the top, I am not a fan of downloading illegally.  When people download movies, songs, TV Shows, etc – here on referred to as Entertainment – it is stealing.  If people steal the entertainment, then that is money which is NOT going to the studio’s to produce the shows that you are enjoying enough to illegally download.

It is a catch 22.  You enjoy the shows enough to watch but won’t pay to see them. Hypocritical much?  In the case of television programs, yes it is free, but you are not watching that TV Station’s commercials which fund the cost of the TV Station purchasing that program from the producers.  Therefore, if you are not watching, then ratings fall, if ratings fall then advertisers pay a lower amount to advertise in that timeslot.  The TV station cannot afford to buy the top quality shows and therefore we are left with rubbish shows which are cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper to buy.

How is this good for anybody?  The studio’s receive less money, therefore the actors receive less, the directors, the producers, the sound and lighting guys, the camera operators, the caterers etc.  The list goes on.  They all receive less money.  Suddenly the top actors are not doing this movie because they aren’t being offered the financial incentives they are accustomed to.  So instead of Brad Pitt you get Steve Guttenberg.  Instead of Steven Spielberg you get a 1st year uni graduate.  Are you getting the picture?

Eventually it is going to get to the point where the money is simply not there to make programs such as Dexter, CSI and Law and Order or to produce music from artists such as U2, Bon Jovi, and Taylor Swift.  Then what?  Back to playing Monopoly and Scrabble at the kitchen table and singing Kumbaya around the campfire.

Does that mean that you should never be allowed to download TV programs from the internet?  No, it doesn’t.  There are circumstances when you can. For instance, if a TV program has already been broadcast and for whatever reason you missed it.  But that doesn’t mean you can download the full season.  Eventually you will be able to buy a whole season if it interests you that much.  For eg,  The Survivor Gabon finale was over 3 hours and my HDD was set to record for only 1 hour.  I had watched all other episodes on free to air but missed the finale.  So a mate told me how to download it via torrents.  I did and that is all I downloaded.

A lot of TV channels will allow you to watch a program after the original show has already been broadcast directly from their website and you can also buy episodes of some shows from places like Itunes for less than $3.  That is very reasonable and you have it for life to rewatch at your leisure.  To download new episodes of particular TV shows immediately after they have been broadcasted in America just because you can’t wait for it to be broadcast in Australia is simply not acceptable.  Wait and enjoy it like the rest of us do.

Music and movies should NEVER be illegally downloaded.  Just about every song is available to purchase from iTunes for a couple of bucks.  Cheap as.  Movies can be downloaded from iTunes as well in case you don’t want to go to the video store.

In summary, illegal downloading is stealing.  There is no other way to describe it.  I am a lover of good TV and great movies and cool songs and I am happy to pay for the privilege of enjoying them.

So what about you?  Do you agree with me in full or just parts of my argument?  Have you downloaded illegally?  If so why?  Do you agree with anything I have said?  What is an appropriate punishment for serial offenders?  I would love to hear your thoughts.