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Jason Alexander – On Australia


Iconic American actor, Jason Alexander, best known as George from Seinfeld, said this about his love of Australia, during an interview he did on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

"Here's the easiest way for me to feel, tell you why I love the country.  "MATE!" It is spectacular! The notion that the guy that serves you your coffee is your mate. The guy that runs your banking account is your mate. The guy on the sporting team is your mate and the prime minister of the country is your mate. That you're all mates, that you're all in it together. That there's a sense of, we're Australians. We may have differences between us. We're Australians. That sense only happens in America, for me, when we have a disaster. But you guys propagate it every day just by going "hey mate", "good morning", "good day mate". It is, I love it. I love it. And it is so welcoming and so embracing and so human and to me that is the character of the country and I think that is why I respond to it".

Mate, you got it spot on. I’ve never heard anyone articulate it so well, exactly what it means to be Australian and it took an American to remind me.

I think sometimes we forget that as Australians.  Let’s never lose our ability to be mates with everyone. To be neighbourly. To lend a helping hand when ever it’s needed. To show the world exactly what being mates can be. How free we feel and friendly it is to be Australian. Whether you were born here or brought here, everyone is mates.

I’ve always called people mate, and not just because I didn’t remember their names. Let’s keep the word ‘mate’ front and centre and keep our country friendly and welcoming to all.

Thank you, Jason for the reminder.  We’ll see you on our friendly shores in July. You can catch Jason’s show, Jason Alexander And His Hair, around Australia. Click here for more details for his Brisbane show.

An Open Letter to the Australian Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

This letter is not debating whether there should be a carbon tax or not.  For the record, I don’t think there should be, well not when it will costs Australian tax payers anyway.

What this letter is about, Ms Gillard, is the fact that you have lied to the Australian public.  You made an election promise prior to the 2010 federal election.  You said on August 16 and I quote you, Ms Gillard, “There will be no carbon tax, under a government I lead”.

As history shows, you retained your position as the Prime Minister of Australia.  Note I didn’t say win the election as you didn’t really. I’ve blogged about that previously and you can read that post by clicking on this link.

The deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swann said this during the last election campaign. “No it’s not possible that we are bringing in a carbon tax. That is a hysterically inaccurate claim being made by the coalition”.

Then on February 24, 2011, you announce to the nation that we will indeed have a carbon tax.  You made the announcement with the leader of the Greens by your shoulder.

In the media since yesterday, you have been trying to spin your words and tell Australian’s that it is something that we need. No it’s not a tax it’s now a carbon pricing mechanism.  Whatever the hell that is. Oh yeah, it’s a fancy way of saying “tax”.

What worries me, Ms Gillard is that as a parent, how can I teach my children to be honest and tell the truth when my country’s Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister tell blatant lies?

How dare you, Ms Gillard?  You have proven once again that ordinary Australian’s cannot trust our politicians when they make promises.  You are not the first to lie and unfortunately I am sure you will not be the last politician to lie.  You can spin it as much as you want but you cannot deny you said what you said.  You cannot deny that Mr Swann said what he said.  You have reneged on your election promise and I am sure you gained crucial votes from people who voted for you based on the fact that you said there would be no carbon tax.  What do you have to say to these people, Ms Gillard?

You are a disgrace. You are a liar and you are a fraud. You are not fit to hold the office of the Prime Minister of Australia.  You have brought dishonour to your position and tainted the position of Australian Prime Minister which current and future generations will now be wary of.  How can we ever trust an Australian Prime Minister again?

If you have any morals at all, you will resign immediately and fade away into obscurity. By doing so, perhaps my children will see that when you tell deliberate lies that there are consequences by doing so.  Without you resigning, you are effectively saying that it is ok to lie and be dishonest.

If you don’t resign, the Australian public will remove you from your position at the next election.  Have some honour and go now.

Shame on you, Ms Gillard.  Shame on you indeed.




Jack McClane

Father of 2

Australian born and bred citizen.