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Great Scenes from the Movies (Car Sing-alongs)

After watching Step Brothers last night and loving the Sweet Child O’ Mine scene, which you can see here, it reminded me of another couple of great in car sing-alongs from the movies which I love.

See if you recognise the movies?

This movie from the early nineties showcased one of the great sing-along scenes.

Updated video – This great scene from Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle sees the boys singing along to Wilson Philips, Hold On.

What are some other great movie car sing-alongs that you can remember?

Step Brothers – Sweet Child O’ Mine

I saw Step Brothers for the first time tonight.  It was pretty funny but I loved the scene in the car with the singing of Sweet Child O’ Mine.  Very cool.

Here it is if you haven’t seen it or just want to see it again.