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Bieber Fever

I can’t believe I am going to write this piece and give even more airtime to that chick, Justine Bieber.

You know who she is. Of course you do. She has dominated your online world for the best part of two years now. She has polluted your twitter timeline. Well not her, but all of her fans….

Hang on, hang on, I am being disrespectful to the teen sensation. Of course Justin Bieber is a 17 year old boy and I gotta tell you, after watching the interview from Michael Usher on Australian 60 Minutes this week, I gotta say my opinion of the Biebs has somewhat changed.

I did joke about him being a ‘her’ and not calling him Justin but Justine.  I did this based on nothing at all except knowing that he was occupying vital cyberspace which I would have much preferred be given to – well anyone!

I didn’t really know any of his songs but I knew his story. Well I thought I knew his story. I thought he was some kid who knew he could sing, and had an ok boyish look and charm about him and went online to sell himself as the next big thing.

I thought you pretentious little shit.  Most stars wait to be discovered. You went online to be found.

Then I watched the interview.  As it turns out, Justin had loaded the video onto YouTube so that his family could see him sing and dance.  That’s ok I thought. I’ve done the same with my kids so far away friends and relatives can see what they’re up to.

He doesn’t quite know how they became viral and in turn created an internet sensation.  Long story short, he was discovered by a producer, signed and his star rose rapidly.

He also came from a broken home and certainly didn’t have the advantages that a lot of kids have today.  It appears as though his life wasn’t cookies and cream but he loved to sing and play the drums (which he was shown doing at a very young age rapping out a beat on some chairs).

He seems very down to earth and I gotta say, he’s pretty likeable.

When I heard about his hair being auctioned off a couple of weeks ago I thought this kid is so up himself that he thinks people want his hair but he explained that he thought he could sell it off for charity. Better off doing that than throwing it in the bin!  He’s right. If he can auction off his do and raise money for a worthwhile charity, well why the hell not? Who am I to judge?  Maybe I was jealous that he had hair to auction off and I don’t!

I guess I can learn to appreciate the Biebs a little more now.  After all, his new documentary style movie is called Never Say Never and he ended his interview with Michael Usher with this:

“It gives people hope and at the end of the day….if you focus and keep your dreams in front of you….never give up. Never say never. Anything is possible”

It’s a great attitude.  Anything is possible with the right attitude. That’s how I try and live my life.

Justin Bieber, you’re alright kid and I’m going to give you a break from my cruel taunts and jokes.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be buying your songs though! But it also means I won’t be stopping my teenage daughter from buying them either.

Good luck mate. I hope it doesn’t go to your head and that in 20 years time, you’re not the current day Charlie Sheen.

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The Amazing Race Australia – Audition Video

My mate Dave and I applied for the Amazing Race Australia and sent off this audition video.  It’s pretty obvious that we didn’t make it as it is now late October and they wanted to start shooting in October/November/December.

One of the conditions of the application was not to put your audition on line but seeing as how we weren’t successful, I thought you might like to see it.

Plenty of others have broadcasted theirs on YouTube, especially since the beginning so I doubt they read the T&C’s carefully!

I can’t wait to see the Aussie version though I might be spewing when I see some of the exciting places they went to!

Anyway, enjoy.  We had fun making it.

Emmy’s 2010 – Glee Themed Opening

Most of my avid readers know that I am a huge fan of Glee.  I’m a Gleek and proud of it!  So I was pleasantly surprised to see the opening of the 2010 Emmy’s start with my favourite Gleeks plus Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Hugo from Lost!  What a bonus.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Why I love Glee!

Lea Michele

Lea Michele The undoubted star of the show. She plays Rachel, the daughter of two gay dads who wants to be a star. The scoop is, that while Rachel will eventually get there, Lea already is. This girl can sing. With a voice as powerful as anyone I have ever heard she can handle any style of music. She is also very cute! Big nose and all.

The Songs

The producers have been very smart in choosing a mix of songs from many different decades. The safe option here would have just chosen songs from Beyonce (Single Ladies) and Lily Allen (Smile), they have also chosen artists like Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline), Van Halen (Jump), Billy Idol (Dancing with Myself) and Queen (Somebody to Love). It was important though that they captured the audience in the very first episode and they did this with the upbeat and uplifting, Don’t Stop Believing from Journey. As soon as this first episode ended with Don’t Stop Believing, I was hooked! With 2 number 1 Soundtrack Albums, you can also listen to the Glee Soundtrack in your car and iPod.

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch plays Cheerios Coach, Sue Sylvester. She lives for seeing her cheerleaders win competitions….at any costs. When the Glee Club is formed and her funding is reduced to accomodate them, she commences a campaign to destroy the Glee Club and the measures she takes and the sharp wit of her tongue is must watch TV. One of the best characters to grace the small screen in many years.

Kristin Chenowith

The Great Guest Stars

Including Josh Groban and Kristen Chenowith with Chenowith stealing the show with 3 great numbers in one episode. The next 9 episodes due to air from April, 2010 is rumoured to include Olivia Newton-John, Madonna and Neil Patrick Harris to name a few.

Chris Colfer

He plays ‘just out of the closet’, Kurt Hummel. While I am not one to usually enjoy watching gay characters on TV, Kurt’s character is so over the top camp, it is hard to resist his journey of self discovery. When he finally ‘came out’ to his father it was a great moment. Kurt’s greatest episode was the “Single Ladies” episode where Kurt, trying to prove his masculinity to his father, joins the football team – “My name is Kurt and I am here to audition for the role of kicker!” Seeing the entire William McGinley High School Football team dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was one of the great scenes of the series.

Chris Colfer

Mash-Ups A mash-up is the combination of 2 songs in one. Some of the great examples included is the mash-up of Bon Jovi’s, “It’s My Life” and Usher’s “Confessions” into one upbeat song. It’s catchy.

The Choreography Some of the best dance numbers ever seen on TV. Seeing these kids sing “Proud Mary” in wheel chairs to support the character, Artie, who is wheel chair bound, was brilliant. High energy in most dance numbers but also great for the slow numbers too. “Jump” is a personal favourite in Episode 12.

The Overall Cast The producers set out to find the best cast possible by hitting the theatres and finding the guys who can sing and dance and act. Casting a relative bunch of unknowns was also a master stroke as we are introduced to a bunch of fresh faced young performers (ok most are in their 20’s) who are all genuinely excited about the show and this is demonstrated each week in their performances.

Glee is not the most perfect show ever made. Far from it. There are some plot holes and some more character development is required, but it is simple, plain old, let your hair down FUN! I love it.

So that is why I love Glee plus a thousand other reasons. Do you watch it? What is your favourite number so far? Who is your favourite character and why?